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    My Stealth nid list

    I wanted to make a very stealthy nid list using deep strike and camo and stuff like that but you may notice i didn't use any rippers (I hate rippers) so I used genestealers as troops and i think although it is a quite expensive for nids with a model count only of 30 I wouldn't mind anymore ideas on my army all the way down to how i should paint or base them ( plus remember i'm using them in a cityfight ampaingn so no grassy colors or flock).

    HQ 1000 pts.
    Name equipment (mutations) Points
    1 broodlord ext carapace(+1sv.), with retinue of genesteelers, t sacs 90
    9 gene retinue exteneded casrapace(+1sv.) 180
    brood of 3 lictors rending claws, sything t,feeder t, and flesh hooks 240

    1 brood of 8 genestealers ext. carapace(+1sv.) 160
    1 brood of 8 genestealers ext. carapace(+1sv.) 160
    Heavy Support

    1 carnifex 1 set of sything talons, and a barbed strangler, with 171
    spore cysts, regeneration, and reinforced chitin.

    Total 1001pts

    EDIT by Ostsol: removed the inidividual point costs for upgrades. Having them posted is against forum rules.

    Last edited by Ostsol; May 13th, 2006 at 16:58.
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