Hello everyone, amidst all the crazyness of being back home (which I hate BTW) I've had time to construct multiple lists! I have an Ion Storm, Fire Storm and Hybrid Theory lists running from CP all the way to 1000 and I've even constructed an 1850 list! That's huge for me! It still needs a lot of work though. Don't worry, I won't post them all here. BUT, I do have this for you:

Skirmish-Gamble @ 500
HQ: 90

Elite: 160
XV8’Team Leader ● 2(80)

Troops: 120
Shas’La ● 2(6x10)
Pulse Carbines

Fast Attack: 130
Piranha ● 2(65)
Fusion Blasters

Essentially, the three suits work as MEq/Light Vehicle killers while the Fire Warriors and Piranhas contest/grab table quarters with the Piranha's on IC/Heavy Armor duty. I see it as a quick troop emplacement with Crisis Suits and Piranhas acting as elite shocktroops with the rest of the army coming in soon. Thoughts?

Thanks everyone,
~Ninj'O'Dev'n Out~