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    Farsight & Mech Tau Compatible?

    I'm trying to put together a 2000 point farsight list & really like the idea of mech tau (no broadsides, sniper drones, firewarriors without a transport). But with farsight & mech I only can field 1 railgun. That scares me.

    So I'm wondering if it is possible to do the idea and still have a viable force that can compete (and win once and a while), and if you could offer any advice. Feel free to say "Can't do it and try this:", or "this is really dumb" as I don't own many of the models yet.

    As I'm sitting now, the army goes something like (totals around 2000 pts, but I don't have the codex right now so I can't do it to the exact points):

    Farsight (170)
    O'Commander (CIB/PR/SG/HWMT) (135)

    Crisis Suit Team (2 Fireknives (PR/MP/MT) w/1 team Leader (TLPR/MP/HWMT/BK)
    Crisis Suit Team (2 Crisis (FB/MP/MT) w/1 team leader (TLFB/MP/HWMT/BK)
    Stealth Team (5xstealth w/1 team leader & BK)

    12 Firewarriors w/Shas'ui (BK) & Devilfish (SMS/MT/TA/DL) (250)
    12 Firewarriors w/Shas'ui (BK) & Devilfish (SMS/MT/TA/DL) (250)

    Fast Attack
    Pathfinder Team (7 pathfinders w/1 Shas'ui) & Devilfish (226)

    Heavy Support
    Hammerhead (RG/SMS/DL/MT/TL) 180
    Skyray (SMS/MT/TA/DL)

    It's around 2000 points +/-.

    Suggestions really would be appreciated.
    Fast Attack

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    hey guys

    i only have 2 railguns and the tank is usually blown rather quickly. but then i have the broadside who usually gets off a couple shots off. but i do just fine. just load up your crisis suits with some anti-tank stuff.

    but with farsight you get a bunch of crisis, so load up half with anti infantry and the other with anti-tank. my personal favorite antitank is the missile pod, esspecially if its TL. that 2 fun str 7 shots that only fail against the toughest of tanks. the plasma rifle does me well with those damn carnys, lol. i like the missile pods better thn the fusion blaster because that only has what, 12" range vs. the missile pods 36"

    and its beautiful just to see nids roasting over an open fire with your flamers, lol. if only Tau had some sort of cinaps, ohhh, the power wed have. crisis not dieing instantly from those lascannons, broadsides getting more than just a couple shots off.

    hold on let me get the codex real fast...

    that dawn blade is just kick ass. lol

    the Breakaway Faction: cant have vespid, kroot ethereals. can only have one of the hammerheads, broadsides ect. wait is says squads. you could have 3 broadsides, the hammerhead and a sky ray. thats some pretty decent anti tank, lol.


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