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    New player's Nids. 2250pts.

    AN assaulty list with a few heavy fire units.

    HQ: 177pts
    Hive tyrant - Winged, Lash whip&Bonesword, Scything Talons, Toxic Miasma, Adrenal Glands (both), Implant Attack. Psychic Scream.

    HQ: 174pts
    6 warriors
    - Enhanced senses, Toxin Sacs, Venom cannon, Scything Talons.
    5x- Enhanced senses, Toxin Sacs, Devourer Scything Talons.

    ELITES: 114pts
    Carnifex (close combat specialist) - Scything Talons, Scything Talons, Mace tail, Toxin Sacs, Symbiote Rippers.

    ELITES: 240pts
    3 Lictors.

    TROOPS: 320pts
    Hormagaunt Brood - basic. 32

    TROOPS: 320pts
    Hormagaunt Brood - basic. 32

    TROOPS: 180pts
    Termagants. 20

    TROOPS: 200pts
    Genestealers - Scuttlers, Implant Attack. 10

    FAST ATTACK: 152pts
    4 Raveners - Scything Talons.

    HEAVY SUPPORT: 165pts
    3 Zoanthropes - Psychic Scream, Synapse creature.

    HEAVY SUPPORT: 208pts
    Carnifex - Venom Cannon, Spine banks, Regeneration, Bonded Exoskeleton, Enhanced Senses, Barbed Strangler.

    The HS Carnifex and the warriors sit back and shoot plenty while the Tyrant, Stealers, and Hormagaunts rush the enemy. The Termagants offer closer support with their light guns. All enemies will be outnumbered (hopefully) and be foreced to take that leadership test at -4 at least. Then the Ravenors and Lictors come out into the open and eat everything left from behind as they fall back.

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    The elite Fex is VERY slow crossing the board. I would change him to a DakkaFex (2XTL Devourers) or take a Red Terror if you are intent on close combat. Red Terror can deepstrike like the Raveners and is a monstrous creature.

    Zor - They are just costing you points as they can't keep up with the gaunts. Drop them and take a second or third unit of winged warriors to keep up with the guants.

    Gaunts - If you want that many. Take 3 units of 21. You can capture more areas and 32 is just plan crowded when you try to move them.

    Lictors - That is a huge debate. One will give you the Pheremone trail bonus to help with Deepstrike. I haven't had great success with them, but it really depends who you are fighting. Dropping two will get you the Warriors....that i know are useful!

    Genestealers - Implant attack or Flesh hooks? I would take the Flesh Hooks to negate cover and to scale impassable terrain. Nothing like having the stealers pour over a wall! Stealers MUST charge and not being able to negate cover will get your low armor save, but VERY EXPENSIVE unit of stealers killed.
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    Winged Tyrant - If i was you i'd drop the bonesword and whip, Its better to take talons and have an extra instant kill attack than to make the enemy loose a normal attack (imo)
    You also dont need Toxic Miasma, a glanded tyrant is WS6 so everything is hitting u on 4's unless their WS 7 and i dont think there is anything with that? (i know the dark eldar archon is high but i dont think its that high)
    Unless ur going character hunting or maybe DE with the gay Inv Saves u dont really need Implant attack, Put ur points into Toxic Sacs. It'll help u squash things easier.
    And loose the Psychic Scream, take Warp Field or ur tyrants is toast.

    Also, if u are playing a game THIS big, i'd really recommend a second walking Tyrant with 2 - 3 guards and then a venom with tl Devourers.
    Tyrant - 2 guards, Toxic Sacs, Enhanced Senses, Reinforce Chitin, Venom Cannon, 2x Devourers.
    LOADS of high powered shots and tank busting power will make the enemy hurt.
    Also, him and his posse will soak up lot of fire on the way to the front and will help take care of the tanks ur bound to face at this level.

    I'd take 2 lictors if u like them. They will help take care of any barrage tanks on the board or annoying Heavy weapon squads. 3 is abit much tho unless its something like an EPIC scale escalation.

    Gaunts u need to break down into smaller squads or they'll never get behind cover.

    I'd take Scuttle off the Genestealers or they are going to run out front of the gaunts. Unless ofcourse ur lucky enough to have cover RIGHT by u. But with this high game, chances are something is going to be able to shoot u lol and they dont really need implant attack. Spend the extra points on Extended Carpace.

    I'd take 3 flying warriors to help support ur Tyrant. He is going to be the main threat on the field in the enemys eye but u can soon find urself in a combat with a squad of marines and taking wounds. Warriors extra attacks and rendering will take care of this and u'll be taking out tanks in 1 round.

    You are also going to need some CC leaping warriors for the synapse. But keep them cheap:
    152 – 4x Warriors: Leaping, Adrenal Glands (I), Extended Carapace, Rendering Claws, Scything Talons

    maybe even 2 squads. If ur going to play big battles with nids u need to make sure u have the models. Building up the points with biomorphs is going to get u dead when big things fall.

    And ur Heavy Support fex is WELL too expensive. Simple Gunfex
    163 – Carnifex: Enhanced Senses, Reinforced Chitin, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler.

    will do the job nicely. Give him extra carapace if u want. Tho in a game this size the elite fex can be quite good. cos u can (as does) use them as meat shields. Walk them up with gaunts behind them. Their high toughness and wounds will help u for a few rounds then run ur gaunts around and charge the lines.

    I think thats about it. There maybe more but i gtg get ready to go out, champions league 'un all. sorry for any typos i'll correct them tomorrow.

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