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    1500 Necron List - friendly

    Hello well my situation is im playing a game where the objective will be a centre piece in the middle of the board, the board is 6x4. I will be playing against space marines, tyranids and imperial guard in a fight for this middle piece. We are doing 6 turns and random game length after that and it is whoever clearely occupies the centre terrain piece at the end of turn 6 or if it is not obvious, the game continues.

    Now that i have the situation out of the way here is my 1500 pt list, now i would like people to critique it in relation to the enemies i am facing. Thankyou in advance!


    1 Necron Lord – 100 pts
    Resurrection orb – -- pts
    Veil of Darkness – -- pts
    Warscythe – -- pts

    TOTAL: 210 pts


    Squad 1: 12 Necron Warriors, disruption fields – 240 pts
    Squad 2: 12 Necron Warriors, disruption fields – 240 pts
    Squad 3: 12 Necron Warriors, disruption fields – 240 pts

    TOTAL: 720 pts


    Squad 1: 9 Scarab Swarms, disruption fields – 144 pts
    Squad 2: 3 Destroyers – 150 pts
    Squad 3: 3 Destroyers – 150 pts

    TOTAL: 444 pts


    Squad 1: 1 Heavy Destroyer – 65 pts
    Squad 2: 1 Heavy Destroyer – 65 pts

    TOTAL: 130 pts

    MODELS IN ARMY: 45 (necrons)

    The theory behind this list is to use the veil of darkness with my lord and teleport around the battle field hunting the imperial guard players tanks and other lone units. Other than that the lord will be standing with my basic units of warriors for usage of the ressurection orb. I plan to harass the tyranid player with the destroyer units and try to weaken his numbers. The heavy destroyers are to kill anything with a 2+ save as im sure many of you know the necron's lack AP 2 weapons. The scarabs with disruption fields will act as qn intercepting unit, for example if an assaulting unit gets too close i can tie them up in combat with the scarabs until i can get my troops ready to shoot the offensive unit. If anyone has any suggestions at all i will be grateful.


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    First of all remove the cost for all the wargear it's copyright material and it is against forum rules to post the cost of wargear, the cost for an entire unit is okey.
    Now to the list itself: drop disruption field on the warrior's, you won't be charging any tanks with them. And for the extra points you get buy another destroyer and one more scarab swarm base.

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