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    1000pt army list for nids

    Decided to start building tyranids last month and designed a list on what i had lying around. Could anyone give me some help refining it and be as harsh as you like.
    + 6 genestealers

    3 tyranid warriors
    +scything talons

    10 genestealers
    10 hormagaunts
    16 gaunts
    + flesh borers
    + 2x spike rifles
    + without number

    Heavy support-
    + crushing claws
    + scything talons
    + toxic miasma
    + scythe tail
    + spine banks
    + thornback
    + tusked
    + reinforced chitin
    + barbed strangler
    + twin linked deathspitter
    + enhanced senses
    + tail weapon mace
    + spine banks
    + reinforced chitin

    Any help mush appreciated. thx

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    Hq- Broodlords are awesome, you may want extended carp on these tho

    Elites- I personally would not get spinefists on warriors, either gear them for cc, going like rending/scyth and leaping or else make them shooty, give them better weps and BS if your going this route. It really depends on the rest of your army, for me I like to use a couple decent sized squads of hormies when I play nids (in larger games), so I use my cc warriors, to reinforce the swarm. In 1000pts I would sugguest shooty, the cc guys tend to cost a bit more.

    Troops- The stealers are nice, again extd carp is good. Last game I played nids I went a swarm army of loads of gaunts/gene's and a broodlord, I never got extd carp and ended up playing a marine, getting no save vs. bolters is not good. The hormies are ok, 10 might be a little small, I really dislike the gaunt squad way to many pts, without number is not good imo, I also won't get flesh guns, but you could try it I suppose. With a range of 12" you'll likely only get like 1 round of shooting, with these guys before you want to join the swarm of cc, the spinefists are the same range and twin-linked but arn't living ammo, but do cost 50% as much.

    Hvy- Your fex's are a little confused I think, for the gun fex I would sugguest getting the cookie cutter, sense, veno, barbed, extd carp (or chit in a 1000 pts there will be less ap3 guns, unless its eldar but then its ap2 starcannons anyway, damn them!). For your cc fex your spending alot of pts into him, I have never really liked cc fex I think you can get more out of a hive tyrant for similiar pts cost. Or else just more troops. But, if you want to try him, it could be fun.

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