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    tyranid 1500 pts first army list

    This army is a mix between hordes and monsters because hordes can't destroy tanks very easily and monsters are quite slow (apart from winged hive tyrant).

    Here's the list... please give feedback, I've probably made some bad choices.


    Hive Tyrant with wings, toxin sacs, adrenal glands (WS), enhanced senses, scything talons and venom cannon... 189


    4 tyranid warriors with leaping, extended carapace and 2 pairs scything talons... 132
    4 tyranid warriors with leaping, extended carapace and 2 pairs scything talons... 132


    16 spinegaunts with spinefists... 80 (maybe I should get more of these as they're so cheap...)
    16 termagaunts with fleshborers... 96
    16 hormagaunts... 200

    Fast Attack

    None at the moment... I'm thinking of getting some gargoyles or a ravener but I'm not sure.

    Heavy Support

    (Maybe I tooled this carnifex up a bit too much... but its so tempting to turn him into a massive monster that everyone's scared of.)

    Carnifex with adrenal glands, bonded exoskeleton, extended carapace, reinforced chitin, tusked, scything talons (2 pairs, these are my all-time favourite 'nid weapons because they look so cool, especially on massive things. I haven't had a chance to test them out in battle yet)... 181

    Carnifex with extended arapace, reinforced chitin, enhanced senses, barbed strangler, scything talons (this is my shooty carnifex that can go into combat and will still be really good)... 146

    2 zoanthropes with warp blast and synapse creature... 130 (these are my tank destroyers that are also going to stop the gaunts etc. from being annoying and random.) A question about these, do they get the 2+/6+ save from warp shield or whatever it is? because it just says 2+ save on their profile.

    That's my army, I'm wondering whether to get a lictor or not as I really like the idea of "Surprise! you're dead!" Also I'm going to be playing deathwatch quite a lot of the time, I'm not sure what to do about them because they have weapons tailor-made for anything.
    All constructive comments appreciated.
    Thanks in advance guys

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    You need to get some rending in there. Especially against power armoured foes. Consider swapping one of your warriors Scything talons for rending claws.

    You might want a bit more survivability with your hive tyrant consider a warp field.

    your hormagaunts points are wrong they should be 160 consider dropping the spine guants or termagants for a brood of Genestealers with fleet and EC rending really helps against power armour. Plus Hormagaunts aren't as great against WS4 T4 S4 I4. Marines are better they'll destroy you. so maybe two sets of genestealers with EC and scuttlers

    You'll find your carnifecis will take 3-4 turns to do anything because there so slow and close combat orientated. A clever commander won't be engaged by them in CC and therefore can jsut ignore them. Have a few games with your Carnis and you'll see that i mean.
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