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    Ignore this list

    I would like to play an army list that's not a cookie cutter list.

    I would like it to make some sense. The TE codex says the most common "team" is a fire warrior team, not a stealth/crisis/broadside team, and that they normally have a transport vehicle.

    So here's my shot at it:

    1500 Tau Empire
    A Cadre is an all-arms grouping roughly equivalent in size to an Imperial Guard company, led by a Cadre Commander. The Cadre is a standing formation, and includes a number of infantry and vehicle units within it, including battlesuits and Hammerhead tanks.

    Shas'el - plasma, missile, array, multi, 2 shield drones 127
    2 Bodyguard - plasma, missile, array, multi 164
    I've taken the bodyguard so I can't abuse the shooting at IC rule, as well as the fact that bodyguard are less effective due to having to pay an extra 5pts for pointless WS and I increase.

    6 Stealths 180
    The "lone wolves" of the Tau army.

    12 Fire Warriors in Devilfish - sms, decoys, multi, array 240
    12 Fire Warriors in Devilfish - sms, decoys, multi, array 240
    As the codex says: "The most common [team] is the Fire Warrior team...A Fire Warrior team normally has a transport vehicle, in the form of a Devilfish troop carrier assigned to it, allowing it to operate as mechanised infantry."
    12 Kroot 84
    As the codex says: "Auxiliary troops such as Kroot Carniovores may be attached for a tactical role". I'm taking them for their tactical ability, not their ability to rip apart marine squads when in large numbers, so while I haven't minimised the squad, it's deliberately small.

    Heavy Support
    2 Broadsides - ASS, team leader, 2 shield drones, target lock, bsf 200
    A fairly immobile unit that doesn't need 6's to hit in combat.
    Sniper Drone Team 80
    A poor excuse for a starcannon.
    Hammerhead - railgun, sms, decoys, multi, lock, pod 185
    With only 1, it's not all that hard to take out.

    Models: 58
    Total: 1500

    Last edited by onlainari; May 24th, 2006 at 13:19.
    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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