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    ulthwe 1500 friendly

    Alright I've been out of 40K for some time but a rogue trader starded up nearby so I'd like to give it a shot again in 4th ed, this is what I've got assuming my opponent will allow for a little proxying of one weapon for another (hey it used to be that you could only fire 1 weapon on the falcon so why bother upgrading?)

    I'd also appreciate advice on specific problems you think I'll face in 4th and how my force could counter them (I'd really rather avoid buying new stuff before the new codex except maybe a couple more scorpeons).

    seer council
    3 farseers with singing spears 1 fortune(this one has runes of witnessing and a ghotshelm) & 2 with mind war)
    3 warlocks with augment 1 with runes of witnessing regular weapons

    question: since troops don't block line of sight anymore that means that they can't "hide" models by positioning can they? The point of those mind wars is to pluck out heavy/special weapons and hidden powerfists, when more important targets aren't around. More important question. In 4th ed cc blocks line of sight, but does that mean I can target models on the edge of cc. That would be extra sweet. I'm hoping that's be discussed here somewhere and one of you remebers.

    6 striking scorpeons with grenades +1 exarc with claw and crushing blow
    (it's only 7 models as origionally they fit in a falcon)
    waveserpent bright lances and stones (I hope I'll still be able to get them into cc in 4th)


    16+2 black guardians starcannon warlock with conceal (no singing spear though should I drop 2 guards to get one?)
    (anybody think embolden would be better i've had mixed feelings).

    7+2 black guardians and eldar missle launcher

    2 packs of 5 guardians for running around, getting objectives and shooting advancing troops in the back

    2 vypers with starcannons and crystal targeting matrix (Well technically they're VDRed D cannnon vipers for monolith hunting but VDR isn't new any more so I'll treat the D-cannons as targeting modified starcannons, but if someone wants to be a stickler for WYSIWYG......)

    1 flacon w star cannon stones and holofield

    One squad of 1 D-cannon & 1 squad ot 2 D-cannons (the 2 are actually shadow weavers, but those really suck now if my opponent won't go for the prox I'll probably just lower the games point total)

    Thanks in advance

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