Faolyan 2000 Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Faolyan 2000 Tourney

    Faolyan Tempest of the Blades
    1999 pts

    HQ (440 pts 22.05%)
    Farseer "Vulcan Firedrake" [Joins Fire Dragon Squadron]
    mind war, singing spear, shuriken pistol
    - 71 pts

    Farseer "Faolmor Salo"
    jetbike, mind war, fortune, witchblade, s. pistol, ghosthelm
    - 126 pts

    Warlock "Rhen Kesharq" [Faolmor's Retinue]
    witchblade, jetbike, destructer, s. pistol
    - 67 pts

    Warlock "Merr the Fierce" [Faolmor's Retinue]
    witchblade, jetbike, destructer, s. pistol
    - 67 pts

    Warlock "Mauchu the Swift" [Faolmor's Retinue]
    witchblade, jetbike, enhance, s. pistol
    - 67 pts

    Warlock "Gharist Longblade" [Joins Guardian Storm Squadron]
    enhance, witchblade, shuriken pistol
    - 42 pts

    ELITES (397 pts 19.85%)
    Vyper Squadron {1} "Bolt of Asuryen"
    starcannon, Crystal Targeting MAtrix
    - 95 pts

    Vyper Squadron {1} "Starflare"
    starcannon, Crystal Targeting Matrix
    - 95 pts

    Guardian Storm Squadron {9} "Storm of Fury" [transported by Wave Serpent]
    - 72 pts

    Wave Serpent "Jenova"
    spirit stone, twin-linked starcannons
    - 135 pts

    TROOPS (575 pts 28.75%)
    Warp Spider Squadron {9 incl exarch} "The Ghosts of Warp"
    - 225 pts

    Striking Scorpion Squadron {9 incl exarch} "The Shadow Slayers"
    scorpion's fist, stealth, crushing blow
    - 201 pts

    Fire Dragon Squadron {5 incl exarch} "The Flame Lancers" [transported by Falcon]
    firepike, tank hunter, burning fist
    - 149 pts

    FAST ATTACK (157 pts 7.85%)
    Swooping Squadron {5 incl exarch} "Death Zephyrs"
    web of skulls & shuriken pistol, sustained assualt
    - 157 pts

    HEAVY SUPPORT (430 pts 21.50%)
    Falcon "Ifrit"
    starcannon, spirit stone, holo-field
    - 190 pts

    Wraithlord "Khaelis of Haranshemash"
    - 120 pts

    Wraithlord "Crim of Black Chasm"
    - 120 pts

    Comments Pleez

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    the farseer firedrake sint going to get much use of his mindwar. being transported means he cant cast it often any even when you get the chance you may prefer to chuck the spear instead. i would go with guide for this seer as the can cast it on the falcon and the dragons hes with.

    although your jetbike seers are deadly if used right they are very expensive. other units may do the same job for less e.g. more spiders. if you really want to keep the unit i would get rid of mind war on this farseer to as you are going to be wanting to cast fortune every turn.

    the vypers dont really need ctm but having it doesnt do any harm. cut if you need the points elsewhere but the upgrade my turn out useful.

    im not liking the storm squad as they are pretty weak. scorpions or banshees play that role alot better although i guess they cost more points. if you can save some points from getting rid of the mounted seers the first thing i would do is upgrade these guys to a full squad of banshees with an exarch

    warp spiders in such big units are unwieldy. try removing the exarch, adding a normal spider then spiltting the squad into two smaller ones of five men. then can split their fire, hide with more ease and cannot be wiped out by a lucky volley.

    the scorpions and dragons are fine though burning fist and tank hunter of the exarch of the dragons makes them expensive and are not that useful. i would remove these.

    hawks show the classic exarch delievery system. hey it works!

    falcon is good although i would like to see a shurcannon on it as well. not urgent though

    wraithlords are solid choice but remember how fast the rest of the army is. they WILL get left behind. id prefer more fast units, maybe an extra falcon or more scorpions. maybe some rangers for fire support.

    anyways hope iv helped here
    Everyone makes mistakes. mine was to leave her head in the fridge.

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