Okay, so the current list has served me quite well for a long time. I win most fights but have the occasional loss, as do we all. However, most people that I play with use mostly 1850 or 2000 point armies as opposed to 1500, so how should I improve on this list?

WAAAGH Gorfang:

Warboss - 372
Heavy Armor, PK, Choppa, Big Horns
5 nobs, 1 with WAAGH Banner, 1 pk, 4 choppas, heavy armor, sluggas
Mekboy - KFF
Wartrukk - plates, riggers, rokkit.

Slugga Mob #1 - 197
16 man squad, 3 big shootas, nob w/ big shoota, big horns

Slugga Mob #2 - 197 (same as first)

Tankbustas - 158
10 man squad, 3 rokkits, nob w/ rokkit + 2 ammo runts, big horns

Burnas - 129
10 man squad, 3 burnas, mek w/ KFF

Trukk Boyz - 180
10 man squad, burna, nob w/ power klaw, big horns
wartrukk w/ plates, riggers, rokkit

Looted Leman Russ - 167
3 Heavy Bolters, riggers, plates

2 Killer Kans -100
Rokkits, Plates

So That's 1500 exactly. I was thinking of possibly adding a 10 man Kommando squad w/ a PK toting nob to join the fray with the warboss's retinue and the trukk boyz squad. This would come out to be just about 150 points on the dot. Okay okay, I know that the warboss' retinue is expensive, but he just gets the job done so freaking well that I'm just unwilling to part with it. The army also lacks a bit in the vehicle killing category, so I was thinking of adding 2 Tracks with rokkits to zoom around and pester vehicles, which would come in at around 100 more points, leaving 100 more points. Maybe use this to boost the size of my main slugga squads to about 20 each (22 to take it to 1850), allowing me to take that extra pain without running for the hills. What do people think? An alternative would be to drop both the kans and the burnas, taking up 2 squads of 20 grots led by slavers with pk/rokkits for a wider field of 5+ protection...