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    suggestions for a newbie

    hi, i play tyranids, and this is my army list so far. can any of you guys five me suggestions on how to beat my friend who uses nurgle?

    my army list:

    HQ: 3x Warriors
    -Toxic Sacs

    Troops: 6x Genestealers

    Troops: 8x Termagaunts

    Troops: 3x Ripper Swarms

    Heavy Support: Carnifex
    -Enhanced Senses
    -Venom Cannon

    -also, do i really need to Regenerate?

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    Member AJ Tyrant's Avatar
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    Hay there!
    Looks like your battle will be of a small one, 750 maybe.
    That’s ok; he himself may not be able to get a more powerful unit at 750pts that is more scary then your Carnifex.

    Ok, I can easily see that you bought the tyranid Battle box, a wise choice.
    It contains enough models to get you 600pts of Tyranid or if you put on a bit of waight, to reach 750pts.

    Starting with HQ
    A Tyranid warrior brood can be an Hq or elite choice as you have already worked out,
    Warriors are great and are not to expensive, the two types of warriors are the Close combat ones that I must say have to have ether of the movement upgrades to be effective, The other is the ponderous shooty warriors,

    As it looks like you have shooty Warriors and I also use them too I will stick with them at the moment.

    A warrior must have two weapon choices
    You have chosen the great Deathspitter, but remember that is only one weapon, the next weapon I would get would be scything talons, Yes they are a CC weapons but they are really cheep and makes your warrior able to defend him self when in CC.
    You do have the option of taking one of the larger weapons, the Vennom cannon and the Barb strangler, both are great but for me the vennom is good vs Space Marines with Rhinos and the like, while the Barb S is good for mass weak troops such as Guard and Eldar like.

    This warrior unit will be cheep and effective without attracting too much attention to itself,

    Example of my Hq warrior brood

    Brood :3
    : Enhanced senses, toxin sacks, Extended carapace
    :Two warriors with Deatspitter and Scything T.
    : One warrior with vennom C and Scything T. 118pts

    With the models you have we will skip Elites

    You have 6 Genstealers, the minimum size for a brood. I would always, always give them Extended C, as from going from a 5+ save to a 4+, you have just eliminated half of the 40k weapons out there that have Ap5, as a Nurgul army can not get the Heavy bolters in any of its Troop choices,
    You will be facing off against his bolters, which you get your 4+ save vs.
    That’s about all the upgrades I give to my genstealers, any more and the become a bit to expensive, but maybe like what I said before and your Nurgle player doesn’t have anything that might be dangerous in killing your genstealers then go for the Scything Talon upgrade as well.

    Example of my Genstealers and other troop choices.

    brood :6
    :all have Scything T and Extended C, 144pts

    brood :8
    :all have spinefists 40pts

    brood :3 30pts

    The next troops you have are very basic and there is not much I would do with them any way, One thing I can think of worth doing is making the Termagaunts into Spinegaunts
    Making them one point cheaper. End

    With all of the above done, you will be around 400pts, maybe more if you gave a few more upgrades here and there.

    This leaves us with a good amount of pts left for your carnifex,
    Which is a great model and will be the one doing most of the hurting in this small sized battle.

    Again there are two Types of Carnifexs, Shooty or Close C,
    Both are great but the Shooty Carnifex has only got long ranged weapons that will affect vehicles, even heavy ones and mass weak troops not resilient Nurgle marines.
    So in your instance I will be urging you towards a CC Carnifex that I have great experience with.

    Basically with the points left you can go to town with upgrades as I usually do.

    Example of my CC Carnifex.

    cything talons and Crushing Claws.
    :Acid Maw, Adrenal gland +1 I and Ws, Bonded Exoskeleton, Reinforced chitin, Extended Carapace, Toxin sacks, Toxic miasma, Tusked, Scythe tail, flesh hooks.

    Trust me this beast is unstoppable vs mass Space Marines in CC.
    Have a go at it, you will not be disappointed.

    Ah yes, Regenerate, if you think it sounds cool and may frighten your enemy more, then take it, however I don’t usually take it because I have a few other models I would like to put in before that specific upgrade that I never roll a six when I need it most and die the following turn because of it

    All this said I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the other Configs you can do with a Tyranid Swarm, but there is a Tyranid units Tacktica and the top of the Tyranid thread list that could explain it all, I found it soo tasty and filling that I printed out a copy for myself.

    Good Luck with your Tyranids and Future Battles:yes:
    AJ. out!
    Last edited by AJ Tyrant; June 8th, 2006 at 07:50.

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    Apr 2006
    Toronto, ON, Canada
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    thanks a lot, i appreciate it

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