Necron Lord w/ resurrection orb, phylactery: 155 pts

40 Warriors: 720 pts

(Don't really know what configuration I want yet. Thinking about doing a squad of 20 and two squads of ten, so this way I always have 20 stationary to shoot long range. But I might go with four squads of 10. Would appreciate the input.)

2 Wraiths: 82 pts

2 Wraiths: 82 pts

3 Destroyers: 150 pts

3 Tomb Spyders (2 with particle projectors): 165 pts

1 Heavy Destroyer: 65 pts

1 Heavy Destroyer: 65 pts

1483 pts

50 Necron Models
Phase Out at 12

We will be playing with the new Cities of Death rules when they come out, which explains my lack of deep strikers and infiltrators. There will be enough cover for me to hug to not have to worry about those huge IG pie plates bearing down on me. Basilisks are a worry though. Another reason I don't want to take the Elites is that they are so expensive model wise. Paying $50 bucks for 5 immortals doesn't seem worth it, although I might add some Flayed Ones to the mix at the expense of the Heavy Destroyers.

You can see my focus on CC support for the basic warriors as well. With Tomb Spyders backing up the advance of the warriors, and constantly generating scarabs to soak up wounds, I will have a great counter-assaulting force when my warriors are forced to get their hands dirty. Plus, if I keep the movement right, I can keep my Lord 6" from each of the warrior squads, meaning WBB capability for each of those very important squads.

I also may consider dropping a few of the Tomb Spyders for a Deep Striking Scarab force with Disrupter Fields. (Maybe 5 or so? 80 pts worth?) I don't really know, I've only done combat patrols with my Necrons, so any advice would be helpful.