So I have been out of WH40K for about 5 years and lately have been wanting to get back into it. It would be slow, especially because of new updates and such. I also have to check which models I still have and would need to get. There are a few units which really attract me to Eldar. I have always loved the race, but a few units just seem too cool. Striking Scorpions and Rangers just rock in my opinion. Now I didn't have my codex when I made this, and I am not sure if I know where it is, but here goes.

HQ - 122
Farseer Tyrael
/w SP and Guide

Farseer Daemos
/w SP and Fortune

Troops - 190
5 Rangers

5 Rangers

Elite - 538
8 Striking Scorpions
/w Haywire Grenades
1 Exarch
/w Stealth and Grenades

8 Striking Scorpions
/w Haywire Grenades
1 Exarch
/w Stealth adn Grenades

6 Warp Spiders

Heavy Support ~150
/w Brightlance and two flamers

So that is the list. I am not absolutely sure on the prices, I have been scouring forums and such to try and get an idea of costs, because I havent been able to get to my codex. I figured the upgraded exarchs would costs around 51 a pop. As long as the Wraithlord came in under 150 points, I think this would be an ok list, otherwise I could shift some stuff and free up more points for it, but it IS necessary. The only other uncertainty is if I have too many elites and HQ. Its been a long time since I checked out army lists and such, but I think you can have two HQ and three elite in 1000 point, but I am not positive. If this list worked that would be fantastic because I would only have to buy the Wraithlord and the Spiders, maybe like 4 Scorpions.

This playstyle really seems fun to me. I would hope that infiltrating would be possible obviously, but the army could get by without it I think. If I could infiltrate, then I would put a Ranger squad and a Scorpion squad together, and position the two forces wherever I figured they could do the most good. Either separate them and let them do their own thing, or keep them close and make a concentrated assault, either way the force would have to be relatively close to the enemy.

- The Rangers would take out big nasties and hopefully take away some maneuverability from armies by pinning them.
- The Scorpions would protect the Rangers from too much harm and get into CC quickly by being infilitrated.
- The Warp Spiders would book it to provide additional support wherever it was needed. They can move a possible 19-24" in a turn if I remember correctly, so they could provide assistance in the first turn, or at the latest turn two. They could catch units in crossfires with the Scorpions and wipe them out, help engage a particularly strong unit, or provide covering fire for them.
- The Wraithlord is there for taking out tanks or other strong units. The Scorpions are equipped to take out tanks, but I would want them working on units. I figure it would take two or three turns to take out a tank with Guide and a Brightlance, positioned on a BS 4 model. Also, it would stay out in the open and try and draw some fire as well. If it ever got into combat, it would mop the floor with nearly everything it encountered, especially with the Farseers backing it up.
- The Farseers I am not expecting to accomplish a ton. They would advance with the Wraithlord, both using their psychic abilities on it. Fortune would help it survive a pummeling by allowing to reroll saves and guide would make sure that it took out those tanks ASAP. They wouldn't take too much fire their way by using the lord as cover, and I would hope that most of the army would be engaged, pinned, or otherwise occupied not to worry about them. If the Wraithlord managed to get into combat or destroyed, the Farseers could spring ahead and try and help out the CC melee hopefully going on. If they got in range of the Rangers, Scorpions, or Warp Spiders, their powers could help the smaller units out as well.

If I couldn't infiltrate, it would hurt my chances a LOT, but I could do a steady advance, using the Rangers to snipe, the Spiders to harrass, and march into CC with the rest. So I knew the rules when I was into the game inside and out, but its been a long time since I have played. There were no Tau and I see a lot of new stuff has happened since I did play. I actually never played, just collected and painted, but I want to PLAY! Anyways, after this HUGE post for a simple list, think the army could work? I know if I had to I could take a Craftworld Army List to make it work, but I would rather stick Vanilla to keep it functional. Scorpions and Rangers for teh win!