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Thread: Combat Patrol

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    Combat Patrol-friendly

    Alright, so this list is going up against an IG one (so there is absolutely no need for any MEQ adivce...)






    Obviously the first bit of advice will have to do withthe six firewarriors, but do remember this list is going up against gaurd as is.

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    You are right. My first bit of advice would be to drop the six-man Fire Warrior team. Replace it with a Deathrain Crisis; twin M-pod with a Targetting Array or, perhaps, a single shield drone to protect it against wayward krak missiles. I suggest this as it's not unlikely that an IG combat patrol would contain a sentinel, a chimera or even a hellhound; and a dedicated anti-armour unit could be handy.

    However, if you're just looking for tactics advice using this list I would say:

    Engage the IG very early with your Pirahnas. Especially make use of the drones as these are excellent for pinning guardsmen, and, when deployed, handy for forcing target priority tests and, occasionally (and surprisingly) an assault. You could probably hold up a guardsman squad for a turn with just two drones (if you place them well), and that's a turn that they cannot shoot at your firebase. Your firebase, that is, which consists of your two FW squads deployed at full range and, preferably in cover. The top priority target for your pirahnas and drones, therefore, will be heavy weapons; your Fire Warriors can waste guardsmen in a firefight, but not if they are packing a bunch of autocannons and heavy bolters. Get rid of these early on and kill at leisure. Use the devilfish to provide support, and/or relocate, FOF your squad later in the game.

    Wow, I wrote quite a lot. I hope some of it helps, and/or makes sense.
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