HQ Lord Madea 60 pnts
shadow field 25 pnts
agoniser 20pnts

5 incubi 125pnts
1 master 43pnts

troops 10 warriors 80pnts
1 blaster 5pnts
2 splinter cannons 20pnts

troops- same as above
troops- same as above
3 raider transports
each with distinigrator upgrade 320pnts

Heavy support 1 talos 100pnts

heavy support 1 ravager 105pnts
2 distinigrator upgrades 10pnts

I fought against blood angels and managed to get a draw. i need to know if this army is good and if i should continue to utilize the tactic of splitting his army and attaking them seperately. i also captured to slaves!!:ninja: