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Thread: 1500 Tau

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    1500 Tau

    Since Ork and Eldar codexes are waiting on rewrites I have put alot of thought into getting Tau for my second army. So, whatever heres what I got planned.

    Commander Shadowsun - 175

    3 Stealthsuits, 1 fusion blaster - 92
    3 Stealthsuits, 1 fusion blaster - 92

    10 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonded, markerlight - 125
    10 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonded, markerlight - 125
    10 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonded, markerlight - 125
    10 Firewarriors, shas'ui, bonded, markerlight - 125

    Fast Attack
    6 Vespid stingwings - 102
    8 Pathfinders, shas'ui - 111
    Compulsery Devilfish, 2 seeker missiles - 100

    Heavy Support
    Hammerhead, railgun, burst cannons, multi tracker, target lock, decoys - 170
    Skyray, burst cannons, targetting array, multi tracker, decoys - 155

    Total: 1497

    I don't like the battlesuit models so i didnt include any.... don't burn me!

    The man of tomorrow is judged by his battle today.

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    Drop shadowsun :yes: none of the Tau special characters are really worth the points you pay (why the heck did they take away my Aun'Shi ). Even Farsight, seemingly useful, is really just a plasma rifle for 170 pts. His profile neglects to mention that while he's good in CC, nobody else in his army will be, so that dawn blade just collects dust in 90% of games. Shadowsun has a few notable drawbacks:

    1. She comes equipped with drones so even as an independent character she can be singled out.

    2. While stealth fields are useful, her primary weapons are so short ranged that it really doesn't matter.

    3. Having two fusion blasters that can shoot two targets seems all well and good, but who's really gonna use it? Are you going to gamble that one will take out that tank? Probably not, and the end result is that it behaves more like a TL-FB than two seperate weapons. Maybe if they had given her a FB and a flamer/BC/MP/PR or anything but another FB.

    4. Her command link drone runs pretty counter to rest of her abilities. While the stealth field and FB tend to lean towards using her as something of a suicide unit, the command link drone wants her to stay back with the rest of the army for that ld10.

    For 175 pts, you can do better than Shadowsun. Secondly, never put fusion blasters on stealth teams, all the cool kids are doing it, but just say no. It mixes up the roles of massed anti-infantry and anti-armor, two very contradictory roles. While the burst cannons can usually be fired with the relative safety of stealth fields, a fusion blaster will need to get glose enough that this is negated. It's far cheaper to just get a suicide crisis suit or two with TL-FB and leave the stealths to deal with infantry.

    A point of advice, the markerlights in your FW squads are going to be awkward to use because they aren't networked. It might be a good idea to give the squad leaders target locks or simply remove the markers altogether. Additionally, you might want to up the FW teams to 12 ea. You be amazed what difference two models can make.
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