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    Ork Army 1700 Pt Friendly

    This is a Hammer & Anvil-type army. The theory is that the truk boyz provide a cover screen for the warboss truk so that the warboss unit survives long enough to hit the enemy from the side/front/whereever they can. Meanwhile the horde of boyz hide inside the big mek's forcefield and rumble across the battlefield while the basilisk drops death from above.

    Warboss (472 pts)
    -Choppa, Slugga, Attack Squig, Eavy Armor, Bio Bonce, Big Horns
    Bodyguard Nobs x5
    -1xMega Armor w.booster, Cybork, Combi Shoota/Rokkit, Kustom Job: Dakka&Shootier
    -2xEavy Armor, Big Shoota, Choppa
    -1xEavy Armor, Slugga, Choppa, Waagh Banner
    -1xEavy Armor, Slugga, PKlaw, Bosspole
    -KustomForceField, Eavy Armor, Slugga, Toolz, 2xGrot Oiler
    -Big Shoota, Armor Plates, Red Paintjob

    Big Mek (55 pts)
    -KFF, Choppa, Eavy Armor

    Kommandos (108 pts)
    -Choppa, Slugga x5
    Kommando Nob
    -Pklaw, Ammo Runt, Slugga

    Slugga Boyz x18 (174 pts)
    -2 Burnaz

    Slugga Boyz x16 (144 pts)

    Shoota Boyz x16 (152 pts)
    -3 Big Shootaz

    Stik Bommas x12 (144 pts)
    -Tankbusta Bomz

    Warbikes x3 (90 pts)

    Truk Boyz (105 pts)
    -Choppa, Slugga x4, Burna x1
    -Big Shoota, Armor Plates, Red, Stikbomb Chukka, Turbo Boosta

    Truk Boyz (104 pts)
    -Choppa, Slugga x4, Burna x1
    -Big Shoota, Bolt on Big Shoota, Armor Plates

    Looted Basilisk (100 pts)

    Killer Kan (50 pts)
    -Big Shoota, Armor Plates

    1) Remove the truk boyz, replace with 4xWarbuggies for more/cheaper screening units.
    2) Remove Killer kan & adjust the slugga boyz to be 1x30 unit of regulars. Add unit of burna boyz with additional mekboy & KFF for more shielding
    3) Remove 1xtruk, basilisk, kan, replace with battlewagon with TL rokkits, 5 bolt on big shootas and load stikbomma boyz into wagon for maxium firepower.

    Comments would be appreciated.

    Tanks in advanz

    Vance Fragzlotz
    Lord Chargezfazterdanu
    Rulur ov Da Big Roques ov Zigma Gamma

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    get rid of the kommandoes

    theyll give u more points to spend and their pretty worthless, get some more anti personal, like some flash gitz with big shootas

    and take out the stikkbombas and put in tankbustas they got tankbusta bombz already
    canada is looking better and better every day

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