[1500] Tyranid Friendly/Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500] Tyranid Friendly/Tourney

    Econo-VC Tyrant
    Stuff: Enhanced Senses, Adrenaline Glands, Toxin Sacs, Venom Cannon, Scy Talons
    Cost: 160

    Tyrant Guard (1)
    Stuff: Rending, Lash Whips
    Cost: 45

    Brood Lord
    Stuff: Implant Attack
    Cost: 82
    Cost: 80

    Hormies(23) (the guants may be split into 4 smaller broods)
    Stuff: regs
    Cost: 230

    Stuff: regs
    Cost: 115

    Cost: 160

    Warriors (6) (may be split)
    Stuff: Spinefists x 6, Scy Tal x 4, Rending x2, Ext Carapace, Adrenal Glands (I)
    Cost: 160

    Cost: 80

    CC Monster Fex
    Stuff: Acid Maw, Carapace, ScyTal, Adrenal Glandsx2, Crushing Claws, Bonded Exoskeleton, Flesh Hooks
    Cost: 180

    Stuff: Warp Blast, Synapse
    Cost: 65

    VC Fex
    Stuff: Enhanced Senses, Adrenal Glands (ws), Scything Talons, Venom Canon
    Cost: 140


    models= 74

    The army I'm trying to create is somewhat less than a swarm army, with numbers slightly sacrificed (mostly due to cashflow) for more "sledgehammer" models, but trying to keep those models chep. I'm sure I'll catch a lot of flack for having spinefists on the warriors, but the twin linked aspect of them means the bs5 isn't too big a problem, plus they are two points cheaper than a another pair of talons and allow me to have I(5) and keep them close to the points cost I want. Against less armored foes, a round of shooting from them will probably be more devastating than the 6 extra attacks I would recieve anyway. I plan to eventually replace the lictor and/or zthrope with more gaunts/warriors, or perhaps knock the CC tyrant down to a more affordable walking target, but cash is running low at the moment and gaunts are pricey to buy en mass ( the only way they should be fielded :wacko Any (constructive) criticism welcome!

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    I generally don't like giving a HT CC weapon and a ranged weapon thus IMO give him TL dev as they are much more usefull (+1 attack vs. 6 shots that reroll to hit and wound that can be fired mutiple times). Also probally drop the AG(I) as you probally don't need it on him as you will probally won't use him in CC much and 5 I is usually good enough.

    Give your broodlord ret EC as you should always do that so they can actually give him some protection. Also I would rather give my broodlord with TS as I find it more usefull though doing two wounds is nice I prefer wounding on 2+.

    Your gaunts seem fine though I prefer termagaunts to spinegaunts that is just me. You may also want EC on your stealers as they are very isolated in your army and big target so you probally will need it.

    Well I'm not a big fan of spinefist really and you should realy have all your warriors with rending claws instead of spinefist. Though as you said you were tight on points (and getting rending claws is a major pain...) I guess it is ok for now.

    I generally against CC monster fexes as they won't get their points back for being slow generally. So instead drop him and get a elite CC fex (2 ST, AG(WS), toxic maisma, flesh hooks) as they have much better chance of getting their points back and are still to be feared in CC and can act as a sheild for your warriors. Your other carnifex should drop the AG(WS) and ST and make him a gunfex (ES, VC, BS) as you really shouldn't mix the two up as it is a waste of points.
    Is it me or does any other necron player get annoyed when they see people saying "Necrons eat souls". How is that even possible as souls are part of the warp and necrons want nothing to do with it? Eh probaly me just me being picky.

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