Necrons 1500pt tournement - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Necrons 1500pt tournement

    hi, just thought id share this list with you its been through a few different forms.

    necron lord- res orb, solar flare,gaze of flames
    he is to keep everyone alive from ord. also goes with the front unit to blunt any assualt ready for tp out, the flare is becuase concealment in the gt will mean i loose a whole turn of shooting this will stop it.

    2 * 10 warriors

    8 immortals
    8 immortals
    10 immortals


    right its not the most interesting of armies but the idea is to advance forward inside guess weapon range(36") and use shear weight of fire to destroy the enemy, as this if for the GT i could see it having problems with terminator armies, but again i will just back off(preventing combat) and teleporting a unit a turn, also with everyone expecting infantry armies and the assualt cannon being the weapon of marine choice my monolith should giggle at most armies.

    thanks in advance for any comments

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    You don't really need the rez orb in this army as most of your units are immune to most ord fire (except warriors but why even care about them they are their to be meat shields really). I would drop the solar pulse and rez orb and get VoD and put your lord with the ten immortals and just deepstrike around blowing up any tanks or artilery that threaten you. Either way it could do well though low numbers may hurt you though and if the enemy has enough fast units you could be in big trouble. So probally keep your monolith in front of your immortals to stop most fast assaults and allowing your monolith to fire more shots as well.
    Is it me or does any other necron player get annoyed when they see people saying "Necrons eat souls". How is that even possible as souls are part of the warp and necrons want nothing to do with it? Eh probaly me just me being picky.

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