after suffering various defeats agaisnt a khorne army in 1500 pts (the kid is younger than me )i decided to make some pretty big changes to my list,it is as follows

1 shas'el with multitracker,PR,MP and TA 97 pts

1 shas'el with multitracker,PR,MP and TA 97 pts

6 stealth 180 pts

2 crisis with MP,PR and multitracker 124 pts

1 shas'vre crisis with twin linked fusion blaster and targetting array 63 pts

12 fire warrior with a shas'ui 130 pts

12 fire warriors 120 pts

14 kroot 98 pts

14 kroots 98 pts

1 hammerhead with 2 burst cannon,railgun,MT and decoy launcher 165 pts

1 hammerhead with 2 burst cannon,railgun,MT and decoy launcher 165 pts

1 hammerhead with 2 burst cannon,railgun,MT and decoy launcher 165 pts


ok plz read the rest before posting.
i took off the escort from my shas'el and changed my jelios shas'el into a fireknife,i then added TA to somewhat compensate for the loss of 2 BG fireknifes

my crisis squad stayed the same

i took off my second stealth squad (i found that in many case 1 is enough,especially agaisnt fast assault armies

i added my monat sunforge,i face a LOT of indirect fire artillery and deepstriking him behind it is often what saves my stealth and crisis from instant death,if there isnt one i usually find a big heavy and juicy predator in the back and the crisis is the best option for me

2 FW squads for some long ranged fire power and i find that i often get to rapid fire a squad that just got out of its vehicle

i take so much kroots because i play in very dense table (large but lots of terrain) and they often get to charge an enemy unit and often hold most of the enemy army
i don't move them up much just shoot a bunch and then do a devastating charge when the enemy gets really close to me

the hammerheads because the enemy has a very hard time of getting rid of them and weaken the enemy and slow them down,they are also very fast which is good because of all the terrain

I play most of my games in either a big ruined city table with a lot of terrain but a pretty big open space around the middle
other terrain is a large terrain with lots of hills,forest,a few bunkers and ruiins in the middle

i play a lot of assaulty armies which get close to me at around turn 2 and charge at 3

and they have some big arrtillery behind their assault line

the one i have the most trouble agaisnt is a khorne player in 1500 pts,he has:
1 indirect fire defiler
10 berserk ina rhino
10 berserk and his lord in a rhino
a lazer cannon predator
a dreanought
5 of those red khorne demon with axes
plz tell me what i should do to beat him with this army

and i also am gonna play a battle in which i have 2000 point of tau agaisnt an army of IW and khorne who have 1000 pts each(2 different players and theyll be allies)

they'll have:
1 big khorne berserk unit and his lord in a rhino
a defiler
a dreadnought
normal marines
and a basilisk
a big IW chosen squad with a rhino and his lord (400 pts)
2 normal chaos marine squads with heavy bolters and lascannons

how do i beat them
and how to i upgrade my,list from 1500 pts to 2000 pts to beat them

so my 3 questions are.
is my 1500 pt list good and what should i change

how do i beat the khorne army in 1500 pts

what should i add for 2000 pts and how do i win

i know this is pretty long but plz help me