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    WarmaHorde Pathofskulls's Avatar
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    91 (x6)

    1500pt friendly Revised list

    120= 3Warriors= adrenal glands(+I/WS), extended carapace, leaping, scything talons, rending claws
    109= 3Warriors= enhanced senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs, scything talons, 2devourers, barbed strangler

    100= 3Warriors= enhanced senses, extended carapace, scything talons, 2deathspitters, venom cannon
    80= Lictor

    120= 6genestealers= extended carapace
    120= 6genestealers= extended carapace
    90= 15termagants= fleshborers
    90= 15termagants= fleshborers
    180= 18hormaguants
    30= 3rippers

    150= 3x1raveners= scything talons/rending claws, devourers
    148= gunfex= enhanced senses, barbed strangler, venom cannon
    158= carnifex= reinforced chitin, tusked, thornback, scything talons, crushing claws

    first squad of warriors is made for assault its very useful to have a squad equipped as such there fast and strong, the second squad of warriors has toxin sacs to keep the guns at strength 4, the third squad is made to take out like vehicles, lictor self explanatory, dropped the prices of the genestealers, termagants are split hormaguant squad is bigger hopefully will last longer, three raveners in seperate squads piss off marines and the devourers last night took down one marine with the raveners gun so dont doubt the devourer, the gunfex is for vehicles or bigger models and if the assualt fex makes it into combat he'll tear the enemy to shreds. Comment on this list, please!

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    60 (x3)

    Alright your HQs look good for being warriors so no need to really change them much or at all IMO. Though your elite warriors if they are going after vehicles deffinatly need TS otherwise they aren't effecient enough to do anyting really (not only that you need to hit first :cry: ). Your troops look pretty good to me though deffinatly give your rippers leaping so they have a chance at tieing up enemy units. On the raveners I'm not a big fan of giving them ranged weapons espcially devoures as it makes them way to expensive IMO (50pts for a model that can very easily die to bolter fire I don't think so) so keep em plain and at a nice 40pts and save yourself 30pts. You may want to give your gunfex reinforced chitin so he has a better chance at surviving heavy weapon barrages. Also it isn't a good idea to go for a expensive CC fex so probally put him in elite section with 2 ST, AG(WS), flesh hooks, and Toxic miasma and your fex can hit SM on 3+ then and still take out vehciles and such for only 114pts.
    Is it me or does any other necron player get annoyed when they see people saying "Necrons eat souls". How is that even possible as souls are part of the warp and necrons want nothing to do with it? Eh probaly me just me being picky.

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