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    Biel-tan 1500pts list


    Avater w/ court of the young king; 2 striking scorpion exarchs with scorpion claws, fire draogn exarch with firepike. -212

    Farseer; guide, ghost helm. -75

    6 Striking Scorpions. -96
    6 Howling Banshees. -96
    6 Warp spiders. -132
    4 Dark reapers, 1 exarch w/ fast shot missile launcher. -233

    Fast ATtack-
    6 Swooping Hawks. -126

    12 Guardians 1 warlock w/ conceal; Missile launcher platform. -177

    Heavy support-
    1 Wraithlord; M.Launcher. -125
    1 Wraithlord; M.Launcher. -125
    1 Warwalker; 2 birght lances. 100


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    Hi GEO,
    Sorry it took so long to reply but I dont often visit list threads.

    What tactics were you thinking of using with this force? What am I missing? It seems a bit slow and vulnerable. For example; when I saw the 6 man squads of Scorpions and Banshees, I expected to see 2 falcons in the heavy support section to carry them. But you have wraithlords. Arn't the aspects horribly vulnerable to shooting until they reach CC? The court also is slow and vulnerable. I dont think this list is mobile enough to be offensive.

    Or are they counter attackers? Are the reapers and all the missile launchers meant to pummel some-one, to force them forward to try and engage the reapers and then counter them with Banshees, Scorpions, Court and Wraithlords, cutting off retreat with the Spiders and Hawks? To be honest I think you need a bit more firepower to make that work. Maybe lose the exarchs (I hate Courts) and the hawks and buy another Reaper squad, to put on more firepower.

    To some up I think you need either;
    More mobility or
    More Firepower.
    Unless you have something up your sleeve(care to share?) or I missed something obvious.

    On the plus side, its different and its nice to see someone else who likes EMLs. I like the reaper squad and the Guardian squad. The warwalker is quite cheap anti-tank, risky but hey thats eldar. I dont like the Court and the aspects look naked.

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