Reworking the badmoons to try and make it fit my liking. Here is the list i've reworked too, i've dropped lots of wargear from my current list and added another unit of flash gitz, also dropped the looted demolisher. here's the problem: right now i have about 40 spare points. If i drop 3 boys from the troops 3 i can run a looted Griffon, which in city fight is amazing.

However, if you look carefully i've dropped out both the looted Demolisher, and burna boys. Troop 3 replaces my burna boys for just 6 more points and allows me to use assualt weapons on the 6 other figures instead of just having boys to take wounds.

I could easily chip a boy off each squad and run another unit of kans instead of the looted griffon, however that would make my list pretty much like playing Kevin's Kan wall, with 1 less unit of kans and a lot more shooting and fire power.

Or i could leave the list exactly how it is add the griffon, and a unit of grots which can fire the big shootas in the battlewagon and that frees up a squad instead of placing a squad in the battlewagon.

-Mega armor w/Power Klaw, Kustom Mega Blasta (free for Badmoons), Cybork, Gob, Bionic arm, Ammo Runt x3- base 4 attacks +1 from the bionic armor for additional handweapon plus an additional Initiative 8 attacks at Strength 6. 2+ save, 5+ invul, leadership 9, Ammo runts grant him 3 re-rolls incase he cooks himself by rolling a 1 for the Kustom Mega blasta

HQ2-Big Mek
-Mega armor w/ Power Klaw, Kustom Force Field. Basically he gives another Power klaw to the unit he's deployed with plus granting a 5+ cover save to the unit he's with. He along with the warboss are deployed with the Ard Boys (who become skarboys if i'm playing nids)

-Nob with powerklaw/choppa
-12 Storm boys with Choppa/slugga all with Frag stikks

Elite2-Ard Boys
-Nob-Mega armor w/power klaw, shoota, Gob (leadership
-12 Ard Boys

Flash gitz x14
-4 Big Shootas
-10 w/ Extra dakka-Range 24 assault 2
-Mek with KFF, 3 Oilers, Mek tools, Eavy Armor

Flash gitz x14
-4 rokkits
-10 blastas-Shootas that at 12 inches are AP3, at 6 are AP 2
-Nob-Power Klaw/Slugga

Flash gitz x10
-Burna x4
-Extra Dakka
-Nob-Mega Armor

Tank bustas
-Rokkits x3
-Nob with Rokkit

Fast attack1-Rokkit buggy with armor plates/grot riggers

Fast attack2-Rokkit buggy with armor plates/grot riggers

Fast attack3-Rokkit buggy with armor plates/grot riggers

-3 Killa kans-Rokkits, armor plates

-Battlewagon w/ 3 TL big shootas, 5 bolt on big shootas, armor plates, grot riggers