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    1000pts friendly Kabal

    Archon: Splinter pistol, shadow field, agoniser, combat drugs, plasma grenades, haywire grenades = 136pts

    10 x Wyches: Wych weapons, succubi with agoniser. Raider = 211pts

    5 x Warpbeasts + Beastmaster = 75pts

    10 Warriors: 2 Dark Lance = 100pts

    10 Warriors: 2 Dark Lance = 100pts

    9 Man Raider Squad: Blaster, splinter cannon, sybarite with poisoned blades. Raider with horrorfex = 158pts

    Ravager: 3 Dissies = 120pts

    Talos = 100pts

    ARMY TOTAL = 1000pts

    How's this look? Forgive me if point values are wrong.... i dont have a codex. Basic idea is for the sniper squads and raiders to provide anti armour support, then the ravager to join them in supporting the infantry while the wyches and lord and beasts make their way to combat. The raider squad is primarily for seizing objectives and the talos is their to soak up fire, and maybe make it into close combat.

    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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    I really like Space Marine armies that take one of everything. I find it works well for them. But I don't think this approach works well with Dark Eldar. Talos almost never make thier points back unless you get them into CC and that's hard to do without a WWP. I can never seem to convince my opponent to shoot at a Talos that only moved 6" when I have a couple of Raiders that will assault him next turn. I think Beasts work well in a wytch cult with several packs or if supported by a couple of bike squads but in your list they are a pretty lone target.

    Dracon w punisher,thelm,plasma,talisman,t-rack,drugs,field,animus,hell mask
    Wytches 9+succubus w agonizer,pistol,t-rack,talisman (wytch weapons, plasma)
    Raider w horrorfex
    Warriors 8+sybarite w Agonizer (splinter cannon, blaster)
    Raider w horrorfex
    Sniper Squad
    Sniper Squad
    Ravager w night shield (3 dissintegrators)
    Ravager w night shield (1 dark lance, 2 dissintegrators)

    Basically you trade the Archon, Beasts, Talos and 1 warrior for:
    Agonizer on Sybarite
    plasma grenades on wytches
    night shields on both Ravagers
    horrorfex on wytch raider

    EDIT: I just noticed that your Archon is using an Agonizer. My suggested Dracon is the punisher variant designed for taking out basic troops by himself, nothing fancy. You already have the succubus and sybarite for taking down MC/elites/HQ.
    Last edited by medic_4077; August 15th, 2006 at 20:51.
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