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    Dark Eldar 1000pts Kabal Friendly

    Well, this is what I'm hoping to be my standard 1000pt list for my DE. I regulalrly face against Blood Angels (normally pretty tough armies, only drawn against him in most games recently), Ulthwe (only 500pts), Tau (very very nasty) and Necrons.


    1000 Pts - Dark Eldar Army

    1 Archon (HQ) @ 272 Pts
    Punisher (x1); THelm (x1)
    Animus Vitae
    Combat Drugs
    Shadow Field
    Plasma Grenades

    10 Warrior Retinue @ [120] Pts
    Splinter Rifle (x; Splinter Cannon (x2); Plasma Grenades

    7 Wyches (Elites) @ 202 Pts
    Splinter P. & CCW (x6); Blaster (x1); Wych Weapons

    1 Succubus @
    Agoniser (x1); Splinter Pistol (x1); Wych Weapons

    1 Raider

    19 Warriors (Troops) @ 200 Pts
    Splinter Rifle (x13); Splinter Cannon (x2); Blaster (x2)

    1 Sybarite
    Agoniser (x1); Splinter Pistol (x1)

    10 Warriors (Troops) @ 100 Pts
    Splinter Rifle (x; Dark Lance (x2)

    10 Warriors (Troops) @ 100 Pts
    Splinter Rifle (x; Dark Lance (x2)

    1 Ravager (Heavy Support) @ 110 Pts
    Dark Lance (x3)

    Models in Army: 59

    Total Army Cost: 1000

    So, any comments/criticisms, anything to help me improve the army. I'm still relatively inexperienced with DE but have a good idea of what I want each unit to do.

    Update: I've fielded this army in a 2k team game, and it did fairly well, slaughtering a good few Space Marines and particularly Death Company. And my wyche succubus managed to bag a dreadnaught! I've tweaked the list slightly, so again any comments/suggestions on how to improve it would be appreciated.

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