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    800pt friendly list

    This is my 800pt army list, I don't have the models yet and I would appreiciate your constructive / destructive comments. So here it is:

    Shadow field
    Combat Drugs
    Tormentor Helm 135

    10 Warriors
    2 Dark Lances 100

    9 Warriors
    1 Splinter Cannon
    1 Blaster
    1 is a Syrabite w/ Agoniser
    Raider 168

    10 Wyches w/ Wych weapons
    2 Shredders
    1 is Succubus w/Agoniser
    Raider 233

    Fast Attack
    4 Reaver Jetbikes
    1 Blaster
    1 Shredder
    1 is Succubus w/ Power weapon and Tormentor Helm 161

    Total: 797

    I prefer the fast approach to a Dark Eldar army. :shifty:

    You are doomed, DOOMED I tell you!
    For tonight we will feast on your very souls!

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    Dracon w punisher+thelm+drugs+field+plasma+trophy rack+gruesome talisman

    9 Wytches w weapons+plasma (2 shredders)
    Succubus w Agonizer+plamsa+trophyrack+gruesome talisman
    Raider w horrorfex

    8 Warriors (splinter cannon, blaster)
    Sybarite w Agonizer+gruesome talisman
    Raider w horrorfex

    10 Warriors (2 dark lances)

    3 Reaver Bikes (2 blasters)
    1 Reaver Succubus w pw+thelm

    -Reducing the Archon to a Dracon saves some points for wargear and is just about as effective.
    -The addition of plasma to your lord and wytches lets them assault units in cover.
    -The gruesome talismans wil help you force Ld checks at negatives for outnumbering your opponent.
    -The trophy racks are insurance against unlucky Ld rolls, they are the only way to get more than Ld8.
    -Dropping the Raider squad to 8 lets your Dracon join them.
    -Adding horrorfexes tothe raiders makes them slightly more durable (they can suffer 2 weapon destroyed results before becoming immobilized) and they can help pin units you aren't ready to deal with.
    -Changing the shredder to a blaster in the Reaver squad makes them better tank hunters. BLasters and Shredders are used for completely different tasks. Units should be suited to a specific task.

    EDIT: I have a friend with a nearly identical list minus the shreddrs and blasters and he adds in a unit of infiltraitng Kroot+hounds+shaper to bring it up to 1000 points. He does very well with it since the enemy is usually worried about the Kroot who infiltrated 12-17" away and has little to spare for shooting the Raiders.
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