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Thread: 1000pts USF

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    1000pts USF

    Ok, let's see....where to start. I've never been really confidant about small points games with these guys and often revert back to my Witch Hunters for smaller games. But after a while I thought "What the heck, I'm experienced enough so let's stop poncing around like a little girl"

    So, concept. Not as hard hitting as usual since I've decided not to have any Aspects or major background support (warwalkers). Main reason is starcannons cost a bunch so let's avoid mass use of them. Damage comes mainly from an intense massive burst of Gaurdian Shuriken rounds and combat attacks.

    Oh yeh, some of you may wonder why I've chosen Eldritch Storm, well the main reason is for a flexible play in defensive and offensive roles. If I chose to hold my deployment, whats on the board practially can hit an advancing force without needing to expose themselves. Other reasons....huge range with Augment, pinning, good against lighter infantry.

    I'm quite liking a pure use of Gaurdians at the moment but what do you think lads (and of course ladies ) Even a simple thumbs up or down would be appreciated.


    Seer-council: (258pts)
    Farseer - Witchblade, Pistol, Fortune
    Farseer - Witchblade, Pistol, Eldritch Storm
    Warlock - Combat Weapon, Pistol, Enhance
    Warlock - Combat Weapon, Pistol, Augment
    Warlock - Combat Weapon, Pistol, Augment, Wraithgate

    10 Black Gaurdians: (103pts)
    1 Warlock - Combat Weapon, Pistol, Embolden

    10 Black Gaurdians: (103pts)
    1 Warlock - Combat Weapon, Pistol, Embolden

    10 Black Gaurdians - Starcannon: (153pts)
    1 Warlock - Combat Weapon, Pistol, Embolden

    10 Storm Gaurdians: (122pts)
    1 Warlock - Witchblade, Pistol, Enhance

    Black Vyper: Brightlance, CTM: (105pts)

    Black Vyper: Brightlance, CTM: (105pts)

    Black Support Platform - D-cannon (50pts)

    Total = 999pts

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