Battle to be fought:
City Battle...
Tau & Spacemarines Vs Tyranids & Imperial Cult.

Bare in mind this is a half completed list that needs tweaking but the essentials are here.

Shas'o w/ Cycling Ion, Airfragmentation, Shield Gen, HW Drone, HW Multi-track, HW Target Lock, Iridium Plates
2 Shield Drones
2 Bodyguards w/ Plasma Rifle & Missile Pod, Targetting Array, HW Multi-track, HW Target Lock.
One of the bodyguards has a Stimulant Injector


3 Squads of 8 Fire warriors. Each Squad contains:
Shas'ui w/ HW Target lock & Drone controller. Markerlight. 2 Marker Drones (For a total of 6)

3 Squads of 10 Kroot


2 Squads of 3 Steath Suit's. Each Squad contains:
Shas'vre w/ Fusion Blaster, HW Drone Controller & 2 Gun Drones (For a total of 4)
One Squad Shas'vre has a Possitional Relay, the other a targetting array.


2 Squads of Sniper Drone Teams

Right now I do believe this MAY be a little fluffy, but such are kittens...
The HQ squad is made of five units... The Shield drones it says share the same armour values as the individual they are attached to. As this is the commander with iridium plates, this gives them a 2+ save. As this makes 3 of the units have a 2+ save and a 4+ invunerable save, the bodyguards get this too?

When the HQ finally suffers some wounds, the first to take wounds will be the bodyguards.. Once three wounds are taken, the third wound goes on the bodyguard with Stimulant Injectors to get a FURTHER 4+ save.... If this save fails, one Bodyguard down. Next to go down will be both shield drones. This generally gives the unit silly silly saves and with the stimulant injector hopefully a few extra wounds.

So, they are tough to kill, muahahaha... pretty sure this is within the rules here.

So the Iridum plates slow down the commander somewhat, but that is okay as the plan comes into effect when we look further down the list at the Stealth Units.
One of these units has a possitional relay. They will infiltrate into the middle of the table in some random building. On the second turn, its an almost definate that they will be able to call down the HQ unit (waiting in reserves). The HQ unit then takes up covering possition popping in and out of cover blasting the crap out of things. The Commander only pops out 1 inch so that he can definately get back into cover after firing. The commander should be doing some serious damage against the imperials with his large blast marker and assault 5 weapon while the bodyguards concentrate on the harder tyranids.

The other stealth unit's squad leader is armed with a targetting relay and a fusion blaster. They will infiltrate behind the imperial tanks and proceed to destroy them from the rear. If the Burst cannons dont do it, the fusion blaster will.

The first stealth units will then proceed to move out and engage the units the Kroot will no doubt engaged with or begin a flanking move. Either this they support the other stealth unit.

The Firewarriors sit back providing support fire and marker counters for the HQ squad and the Sniper teams (who are pinning advancing units)...

If things get too hot with the Tyranids getting in that little close, the HQ unit can pull back into the lines of marines and/or soak up some fire from the pot shots that will be pinging nicely off their armour...

At least thats the general idea :wacko: