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    500 point tau army list

    hi everyone, just joined librarium online. absolutely love the place. anyway, on to the list.

    PR, MP, FB, HWMT. 99 pts

    3 stealthsuits
    3 shas'ui, FB, 2 BC target lock. 97pts

    1 monat crises team leader suit
    PR, MP, TA, HWMT. 77pts

    6 fw
    6 shas'la, pulse rifles. 60pts

    multitracker. 90pts

    11 kroot. 77pts

    Total: 500pts

    shas'el has three weapons to deal with all sorts of heavy infantry and some tanks. the stealth suits have the fusion blaster to also deal with vehicles. the FWs are mainly for scoring. the kroot would infiltrate into a forest, hunker down, and sniper the enemy infantry. the stealth suits would back them up and the crises suits would JSJ the enemy. the devil fish could also offer some support while moving 12 inches to keep the awesome skimmer ability. i mainly fight SMs. keep in mind before you comment that i have only 1 kroot, 4 gundrones, 1 marker drone, and 6 vespids left. any comments?

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    Looks alright but i must say i think that Tyranid, Ork or any other army that can get into CC with ya quick would hurt ya pretty bad, but besides that if youd like to know im going to yous your list as a base for my 500 pt Tau:yes: but im gunna switch the Krrot for more FWs and probly gunna drop the DF.
    "His word is power, His future is hope, His cause is..WAR! - Brothers of the 8th Legion

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