Commander Shadowsun

2 Squads
7 FW's, Shas'ui, H/W TL, Marklight and 2 Markerlight Drones
155 x 2 = 310pts

8 Gun Drones

Stealth Suit Squad
6 Stealths, Shas'vre, Targetting Array, Fusion Blaster, H/W DC
5 DC
12 Gun Drones

3 XV8 Suits
Shas'vre w/ Airbursting Frag Proj, Missile Pod, H/W ML, DC, TL - 2 Shield Drones
2 Fireknives

3 XV8 Suits
Shas'vre w/ Cyclic Ion Burster, Missile Pod, H/W ML, DC, TL - 2 Shield Drones
2 Fireknives

Hammerhead Tank w/ Railgun, SMS, ML, DL, TL, FD, DP & 2 Seekers (basically all the upgrades)

2 XV88 Broadsides w/ Advanced Stabilization System
Shas'vre w/ H/W ML, TL, DC, Stim Injectors - 2 Shield Drones
220 pts

2 Sniper Drone Squads

Total: 2000pts

Evaluation & Conclusion
This army was built on the models I had built and ready to play, hence the amount of wargear and extra bits everything has in this army.

To my surprise vs the Necron, it was rather effective. The infiltrating Stealth Suits managed to give his Destroyer - big things quite a run for their money and managed to put out of the 6 of them, at least 4 down a turn (only for them to get back up again) Also managed to pin them twice. Unfortunately, said Stealth squad got annihilated by the Necron large dude (the big scary thing worth 360pts). The stealth squad simply does not have the str to hurt a t 8 monster!

Scariest thing on the table were the 3 wraiths heading straight towards my broadsides, however, in the second turn, my Cyclic Ion Blaster XV8 squad managed to mow down 2 of them, then procceeded to assault the last. Fortunately (thank the lord) they managed to punt it clean in the face with a sharpened toe and finished off the squad!

A bunch of close combat necrons (you know their name i hope) lead by a lord landed behind my lines. One squad of Firewarriors lit them up with markerlights and pummelled 14 shots into them, after which the XV8 Airburst squad used the markerlights to blast them some more, killing all the close combatants and causing 2 wounds on the lord. Shadowsun finished him off....

The last 4 turns was basically a slog fest of shooting madness. I kept putting them down, they kept getting back up. They shot at me, and only killed my shield drones.

In the last turn, I managed to get the Necrons down to 9 units... if i had killed ONE more the army would have phased out for the win.

In a nutshell, (as I really dont know the names of the Necron units) the enemy had 2 x 10 soldier warriors bods, 3 lordsm 6 destroyer big things, one deepstriking close combat bunch, 3 wraiths and 5 scarabs.

There remained 2 lords (including the big scary 360 point thing, 2 destroyers, and 1 squad of soldier warrior bods (5 left standing).
My remaining forces consisted of 2 firewarrior squads, 2 broadsides, both XV8 teams & both sniper squads

The end resulted in a draw.

I doubt I will be using this set up again. I will be using less drones and more firewarriors with some pathfinders in there for some extra fun. The shield drones proved to be exceptionally valuable in the XV8 squads so I will definately include them. Shadowsun had a very limited effect and would have been better replaced with a Shas'el or 'o