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    1500pts hive fleet haku


    Hive Tryant : Toxin sac, Lash whip & bone sword, Venom Cannon, Flesh hooks,
    Enhanced Senses, Adrenal Glands WS 160pts

    Tryant guard : Flesh Hook, Implant Attack 52pts


    Lictor : 80pts

    Warrior Brood 1 : 3 warriors, 2 x Devourers, 3 x scything talons, 1 x rending claws,
    3x toxin sacs, 3 x extended carapace 94pts

    Warrior Brood 2: 3 warriors, 2x deathspitters, 1 x venom cannon, 1 x rending claws,
    2 x scything talons, 3 x toxin sacs, 3 x extended carapace 114pts


    Ripper swarm: 6 ripper swarms 60pts

    Genestealers 1: 8 stealers 128pts

    Genestealers 2: 8 stealers, 8 x scything talons 160pts

    Hormagaunts: 16x hormagaunts 160pts

    Termagaunts: 16 x termagaunts, flesh borers, without number 144pts

    SpineGaunts: 14 x Spine gaunts, spinefists, without number 112pts

    Heavy Support

    Carnifex: crushing claws, scything talons, scythe tail, toxin sacs, regenerate,
    Extended Carapace, Spine Banks, Adrenal Glands WS, bonded
    Exoskeleton, Reinforced Chiten 233pts

    Total points = 1497 pts

    ok let me know what you think

    i'm likely to face almost anything with this army just now so it needs to remain flexible but it's primary opponents will probably be necrons chaos or space marines. basically power armour heavy enemys

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    Alright on your HT drop the bone sword as it really isn't worth it on a HT (though it does look kick ass not very usefull unless you need it for you stratgy) and give it either barbed strangler or TL dev for some anti infantry support. You also probally don't need AG(WS) or flesh hooks so I would drop them. Also don't give your guard impant attacks as more then likely it will die before it will ever get to use them so don't waste points on it.

    Well your elites are ok IMO and don't really need to much changing at all (I also understand why you only have one set of rending claws per squad....stupid boxes only come with one <_< ).

    Rippers should IMO get leaping as this increases their threat range by a lot so a must for me (plus only 4pts per model not bad in my book). Your genestealers should all have extended carpace so they can survive bolters and drop the ST as it is too mch IMO and you really don't need them I think. I would never ever give gaunts without number as I find it comepletely worthless as your better off buying more gaunts or spending the points else where.

    I find that CC carnifexs are not the greatest anymore so instead I would buy a gunfex (venom cannon, barbed starngler, enhanced senses) as it is much more likely to do something then with longer range weapons. If your really want a CC fex though the one biomorphs that you should always have IMO are AG(WS), 2 sets of ST (much better then crushing claws with much less randomness), Toxic miasma (with AG(WS) you hit SM on 3+ then very important), and flesh hooks (so that if you attack a unit in terrain you attack the same time which is awsome for a carnifex). Any others are just to keep it alive or attarct fire from the rest of your army. Also don't make a CC fex insanely expensive as it will never pay back the points you invested into it.
    Is it me or does any other necron player get annoyed when they see people saying "Necrons eat souls". How is that even possible as souls are part of the warp and necrons want nothing to do with it? Eh probaly me just me being picky.

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