Yo guys, this is Professor Curly, the semi-mad scientist. Not really much of an experiment here, seeing as I want to learn the basics of the game before I start doing crazy stuff (I see an army based off piranhas in my future... Just for the heck of it- HA! You're bugs just got eaten alive by my piranhas! -), so I came up with this list. Note, I did the math LATE last night so while I think I added everything up right I'm not sure. As you'll probably be able to guess this list is heavily based off of 'Riki's theory of Tau', seeing as Rikimaru is the main person who's given me help and advice so far and it made sense (This mostly deals with Kroot).

So here it is, my first army list:

The Dark Diamonds (Fluff army name) - 1500 pt

XV8 Crisis Commander- Shas’el, Targeting Array, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods


Just a basic set up for lack of any real ideas of what else to use.

6x Stealth Suits, 5 burst cannons, 1 fusion blaster

Here is something I 'stole' from Riki, hehehe...

3x XV8 Crisis Suits, Plasma Rifles and Missile Pods, Multi-tracker

2x XV8 Crisis Suit, Plasma Rifle and Fusion Blaster, Multi-tracker


12x Fire Warriors, DF with multi-tracker and Decoy
12x Fire Warriors, DF with multi-tracker and Decoy


10x Kroot Carnivores

10x Kroot Hounds


Heavy Support-

1x Hammerhead, Railgun, SMS, Decoy, Multi-tracker

1x Hammerhead, Railgun, SMS, Decoy, Multi-Tracker


1486- total

Give me some thoughts, I'll post more later but now I've got to go to school :wacko: