[2000] Ulthwe Strike Force - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000] Ulthwe Strike Force

    hey, i am making an ulthwe army for a tournament coming up. in about 2 months time. the codex doesnt come out until november so i hope this game is before then.

    anyway heres my list.

    seer council
    Farseer w/ singing spear and pistol
    farseer w/ witch blade, pistol, Ghosthelm, rune of witnessing and mindwar
    Farseer w/ witch blade, fortune, rune of witnessing and pistol
    2 warlock w/ witchblade, pistol and argument
    warlock w/ cc weapon, pistol and enhance
    warlock w/ pistol and cc weapon 257pts

    *7 scorpions w/ grenades, exarch with scorpion claw 160pts
    5 rangers 95pts

    12 black def guardians w/ dark lance, warlock with cc weapon, pistol, conceal and wwp 229pts
    12 black def guardians w/ dark lance, warlock with cc weapon, pistol, conceal and wwp 229pts
    *13 black def guardians w/ dark lance, warlock with cc weapon, pistol and conceal 180pts
    *9(10) black storm guardians w/ 2 flamers, warlock with cc weapon, pistol and enhance 108pts
    *9(10) black storm guardians w/ 2 flamers, warlock with cc weapon, pistol and enhance 108pts

    *Black Viper w/ star cannon 95pts

    black weapon platform w/ 3 vibro cannons 180pts
    *black weapon paltform w/ 2 d-cannon 150pts
    5 reapers w/ exarch with missile launcher and fast shot 233pts

    total 2000 points.

    the things with the * are in reservers at the beginning.

    i am opening 2 portals one in my deployment zone and one outside of it in turn 2.

    first turn i will use my rangers to take out thing like big daemons, nightbringer's and other big things. vibro try pin things which are threating and pinable. or maybe take a shot at a vehicle.

    black def come out first. then rest will come out the other portal hopefully. half army must be in reservers so that y i ahve some guardians.

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    ok guy, i just wanna say a few things. 1st of all, dont use rangers to take out things like c'tan or deamon princes, you will only be ap 1 a minority of the time and it would take a considerable amount of time...if not more then the whole game to take out a c'tan or deamon prince with 5 rangers

    also black vyper with starcannon is 75. I personally wouldnt give any warlocks witchblades. Not that it matters, but your playing eldar and you have brightlances...not dark lances. i dont think u need 2 units of heavy platforms, i would drop the vibro cannons.
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    Ok Farseers. Your first Farseer is illegal since you must have at least one psychic power per Farseer, also I prefer witchblades over singing spears because of the increase in attacks when combined with a pistol which is more handy in a combat situation. Two Farseer will do the job fine so I would drop this one in preferance for more points on other units. Second Farseer, this is ok except that you've chosen Mind War as a psychic power. Not a good choice in my opionion because it kills only a minority of the time, yu are much better off with either Eldritch Storm (doesn't require Line of Sight, huge blast and causes pinning are the advantages of it) or Guide (aids you troops defensively). Your third Farseer is perfect.

    Firstly, warlocks of an USF army must have a psychic power each. I wouldn't bother with witch blades or singing spears as these guys are meat sheilds for the Farseers, so when they die it's a waste of points. Try adding Embolden into the squad too as you really don't want a seer council to fall back on you, also adding Runes of Witness on the Augment warlocks will aid in successful tests since they are using below ideal Leadership values to pass these.

    The seer council is pretty much the best unit to place to carry the wraithgate as they are as tough as nails. They will not fail to deliver tp where you want. Saying this I do advise to place one in here. You seem to be gearing this unit up for a combat role. Not a good idea IMO as the seer council is not a damaging unit, it is more of a defensive one and I would recommend you use this strength. They are good for helping out other units in combat but don't rely on them as your main combatants. I recommend you limit the special weapons to Farseers only as they have the standing power to make good use of themm this also saves points which you want to spend on increasing your forces.


    I recommend giving your exarch Stealth so the squad can have the option to infiltrate. Why do i say this? Well the armour of these guys make them an excellant shock trooper in preparation for the rest of your army. Also they do not have the fleet of foot ability which is required a good majourity of the time to successfully make combat when coming out from the gate. Giving each member grenades is a bit of an investment points wise so I think you're better off spending the points on more numbers. If you using these in preparation for anti-tanking then I recomment you use other units for this. I say this because the unit is a combat based squad, ideally against infantry, if you start to charge tanks you run the risk of leaving the squad open to shooting instead of sheilding them in combat, this squad also lacks the movement capacity to catch up to vechicles. A good unit to use fortune on as a side comment, but you are better off using banshees when considering a major combat unit coming out from the wraithgate.

    I would buy one more member and split the squad into two different squads. Unlike Bashkar I like the usage of rangers. So why do I recommend this? Well by splitting the squad in to two squads you make usage of the multiple pinning rule, increasing the chances of pinning a single squad. You also gain more battlefeild coverage (Line of sight) when you can gain different perspectives. Sniper rifles are good against high tougness models such as the wraithlords and talos, though Bashkar referrs to the Ap I think the fact you need to roll a 4+ to wound no matter the toughness a greater advantage. Lastly these guys are really good at block opposing infiltrators by deploying them into areas which you don't want the opposing infiltrators to deploy. A good unit to have out during the begining of the game due to thier range an pinning capacity, they are also cheap and benfit from better coversaves, so they can last a while.


    Defender Gaurdians:
    Not a great unit to carry the Wraithgates because the weapons that exist in the 40k universe
    can be very unforgiving to Gaurdians. Mainly large templates, barrages and rapid fire of any kind....once the damage level reaches over a certain point conceal isn;t going to help you much. Because of this frailty I do not recommend you using this squad as a carrier of the wraithgate. The gate may end up deploying in some area you do not wish or the unit may fall back, which is also unforgiving due to the Tactical Withdrawal rule and the fact they have a wraithgate (means you'll never get a chance to deploy it if the fall back). Brightlances are a good option to take if this is a starting unit (just in case you decide to make this a gate squad instead of gate carrier), but you may find it better to have a starcannon as if you choose to shoot at a vechical you're potentially wasting a lot of anti-infantry fire power, also if you don't destroy the vechical return fire may be very painful. You will also find Embolden a better psychic power to have instead of conceal. Again this is because of the tactical withdrawal rule, since essentially you don't want a squad to fall back embolden will be more useful. Conceal will only do so much.

    Storm Gaurdians:
    I recommend you don't give this squad flamers because you just may end up killing so many models that you're out of charge range, which is not good for storm gaurdians. Instead Give them fusionguns or nothing at all, this way they can handle tanks as well or gain many more attacks in close combat. I tend to give these warlocks witchblades to add to combat damage potential, it also increases the potential roll as close anti-tank though ideally you want to be assaulting infantry...but it's a wise precaution to take should all your shooting fail.


    The vyper will do a lot better with a Crystal Targetting matrix as it will make the vechical a lot harder to kill. Also your current setting will just expose itself, snap off a few shots then potentially just get blown to peices due to it's light armour and open topped nature. So with a starcannon damage potential isn't too good, but giving it a brightlance and CTM makes this a prime candidate as an Anti-tank unit, it will also makes it's points back very easily by destroying any vechical. Also a good unit to have on the board during the begining of the game for the reasons mentioned above and speed, get more if you can with CTM.


    Support Platforms:
    Vibro cannons are not a good candidate to have as it requires LoS to hit things. As you already know gaurdians do not take being shot at very well, this is even more true for the case of support platform gaurdians which is why having weapons such as the D-cannons and Shadow weaver better weapons as they do not require LoS.

    Dark Reapers:
    The set-up is good as it is. I do question the reapers usage though, as they are they cannot move and shoot, which means they need to cover a certain firing alley from the beginning of the game. Too much exposure and they risk being taken out from return shooting, too little exposure and they won't make their points back which is a waste of buying them. Because their main usage can be described as marking areas of the battlefeild this soley relies on the opponent walking into their LoS which isn;t too reliable....after all who wants to walk marines into ap3 weapons? They are also subject to Fast moving infantry such as Assault Marines and Battlesuits who'd pick them off quite easily. Without the support of an army to back them up during the first half of the game these threats are even more apparant. I recommend using a different unit from these...this is just my personal opinion though.

    Last advice:

    Your army suffers from being slow and has little coverage capabilites over the battlefield. You may have two wraithgates to gain better access, but because these guys are one of the few units on the board you can bet the opponent to send all he has at them. If these guys die your army will have a hard disadvantage to fight through as the first gate may just disappear leaving the second in the worst case senaario retreating off the table in which case that gate too either dissappears or deploys at the edge of your deployment zone, which is why I do recommend you give a single gate to the seer-council. Also by having two gates you split the potancy of the initial strike when the rest of the army appears.

    Shooting wise you havn't got much either in a 2000pts list, I do recommend you remove one of the Weapons Platforms and Dark Reapers in favour of warwalkers deployed inside the wraithgate. This way there's very potent ranged support the turn they arrive on the board, this also garentees them shooting instead of getting knocked out early on.

    Your starting units suffer from not being able to move, which makes them from not being able to react to early events such as assault marines or second/thrid turn deep strikers. In the case I recommend the usage of more Vypers with CTM and/or Jetbikes. These are are very fast and given the right equipment can knock out prime targets such as battletanks so your later forces have an easier time finishing off the remainder. I've already explained the vypers but the jetbikes ideally should look like:

    Warlock Jetbike - Singing Spear, Destructor
    3 Jetbikes - 1 Shuriken Cannon upgrade

    The mentioned above is good against vehicals and infantry alike. The speed and the unique hit and run rule garentees striking and avoiding damage. When dealing with infantry however you must make sure that it's safe enough to assault with limited return threats to the jetbikes as they are expensive. The combinations of shooting with the destrutor and shuriken weaponary then further assault attacks should deal considerable damage to the respective squad, however the jetbikes themselves are not good in prolonged engagements so you should watch out for this too. The speed offered by jetbikes and vypers allows you battle feild coverage in short amounts of time and keeps your opponent thinking about the harrasment. You needn't shoot each turn so I do advice you spend a turn sometimes to retreat to a safer location if the opponent gets too close or to get into a decent firing position. They also offer a choice of defensive or offensive play.
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