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    first 2000 pt necron list

    This is my first necron list. The main reason i started playing necrons is because a friend of mine gave me his army.
    the models he has was
    43 x warriors
    1 x monolith
    1 x lord
    3 x destroyers
    2 x wraiths
    3 x scarab swarms
    1 x tomb spider
    2 x immortals

    so basically it has not been developed properly
    but here is my plan for it. Please give me some feed back and criticism

    1 x lord Vod, rez orb 200

    3 x 10 warriors 540

    10 x flayed ones (possibly warriors depending on budget) 180

    2 x 3 destroyers 300

    2 x 2 heavy destroyers 260

    1 x monolith 235

    10 immortals 280

    total 1995 pts

    61 models
    phase out at 15

    i would have liked to use 8 or so scarab bases. but dont seem to know where to find the points, also should i include some wraiths?

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    Personally i dont like HD's. I'll admit i dont own any, but when i look at it on pen and paper they just arent worth the amount of points they take up considering what else you could take instead. 260pts is ALOT of points for only 4 shots. Sure they are powerful, but with 30-40 warrior shots, 18 destroyer shots, 20 immortal shots, 3 from your lord and maybe some from your monolith ... do you really need any more?

    With those 260 pts you could take 3 wraiths, some scarabs and even some more warriors or another destroyer or something. In my opinion i would rather sacrfice 4 powerful shots which may prove to be useless (slim chance i know) for the CC power the necrons really need in such a shooty army already.

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    It's not a bad list. It's a great place to start, and you've been given a great batch of models to start with.

    A few criticisms, if I may:

    In the HQ section, the Lord with the Veil and the Orb is wasteful. I would actually take two Lords, one with the Veil, the other with the Orb. Have the Veiling Lord be escorted by the Immortals, and the Lord with the Orb escort the Warriors.

    For Elites, Immortals are great, some would say, the only legitimate Elites choice for Necrons. Ten Immortals makes for a very large and expensive squad, though. Also, it becomes more unweildy when repeatedly teleporting them. The Flayed Ones...well, I would not play them in what is clearly a shooting-oriented list. I would rather have more Warriors.

    For Troops, the de facto standard is to have at least ten Warriors per five hundred points of list size. In this case, forty Warriors is an acceptable minimum. Don't fret, though, as the basic Necron Warrior is harder than any Space Marine and nothing in the game can withstand massed Gauss Flayer fire. Plus, it reduces your succebtability to Phase-out and mitigates the usual lack of numbers that Necrons suffer from.

    For Fast Attack, two squads of three Destroyers is a good, solid mobile Firebase. No complaints there. A squad of Scarabs would be great if you can find the points; they are an ideal support unit for Necrons.

    Finally, in the Heavy Support section: the Monolith. Love it. Four Heavy Destroyers...not so much. Heavies are very expensive for what they put out. I would keep two of them, and have one each fly with each Destroyer squadron, always making sure to keep them within "We'll Be Back" range of one another. If one Heavy-D succeeds in his shot, then the other can then target something else.

    In conclusion, I would massage your list to something like this, an excellent ranged Necron list:

    Lord, Orb
    Lord, Veil

    7 Immortals

    1 x 20 Warriors
    2 x 10 Warriors (perhaps with one held in Reserve if you choose to Deep-Strike the Monolith)

    2 x 3 Destroyers
    7 Scarab Swarms

    1 Monolith
    2 x 1 Heavy Destroyers

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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