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    1250 tourny list

    Alright folks, I have a tourny coming up on saturday bright and early and i'll be going up against IG, Tau and Nids.. that's right, i may end up having to fight against another army of nids. So.. armor isn't a big issue in this fight. YAY! Since my genestealers aren't painted and I won't be able to have them all ready and prepped for saturday. On the down side, my Tyrant is still in the process of being converted and therefor won't be able to make an appearance. What I have so far is:

    1 broodlord and 6 stealers

    2 Zoanthropes w/ warp blast and synapse

    1 Megafex w/ barbed strangler, VC, Extended carapace, bonded exoskel, reinforced chitin, spine banks, tusks, bioplasma, regen (only really there to boost the points that and it tends to work rather well for me), enhanced senses and mace tail.

    3 x 10 hormagaunts
    1 x 10 termagants w/ scuttle

    1x lictor

    As you can see.. that is nowhere near my available limit. I need suggestions and i need them fast as I need to get whatever i need up and painted. Models I have access to are more termagants, upgraded hormagaunts w/ toxin sacs and adrenal glands, magnetized carnifex with all the bits to fill any customization, 1 more lictor, 2 raveners, 8 gargoyles, 6 warriors.

    I have basically named the models I will have time to paint up to minimum standard before the tourny... basically friday night. sooo.. input is greatly appreciated since i don't normally play competitively and yet managed to win my way into a tourny.

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    Thread closed.
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Closed Thread

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