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    500Pt combat patrol Biel tan

    I've entered a small 500Pt combat patrol with Biel tan. I need to have my list done before a weeks time (the 10th). I entered with my biel tan as said above, I want to make a warpspider army, i can have 22 warp spiders and an exarch but I’m not sure how to have the squads. I'm thinking

    8 man squad
    8 man squad
    6 man squad with the exarch
    *all warpspiders

    I’m not sure if that is the best set up though. But i think it is better than
    1 ten man with the exarch
    2 6 man squads
    * all warspiders

    i was also thinking of having a vyper but i think that would be a weakness as it may be seen but the warpspiders can hide behind terrain t the end of the turn.

    There are 12 people in there and it is knock out,
    I know there is a mech DH army with 3 squads of storm troopers and 2 inquisitors
    1 other eldar
    1 tau
    1 blood angels
    1 ork
    1 nid
    I'm not sure of the others though, nut i think one more eldar and one more tau.

    Thanks for any help I get.

    (><)This is Bunny. Im helping him on his way to world Domination!

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    Since you going for pure Warp Spiders how about two squads of ten with a exarch in one of them, since both aquads would last for a long time and it wil be hard to hit them with the warp jump and all, the two 6 man squads wouldn't last long in my view I think it would be best to go full aquads or close to full aquads if you wanted to give both squad exarches, cause two 8- 9 man squads of spiders with tool up exarches would be deadly since you move 12, fire and the other squad could possibly assault another unit and run away if they have the withdraw power, that sounds like the best set up for you.

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