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    1500 USF competitive

    1500 Eldar USF

    Seer council-299
    Farseer- Witchblade, Shuriken pistol, Fortune, Runes of Witnessing
    Farseer- Witchblade, shuriken pistol, Fortune, Runes of Witnessing, Wraithgate
    Warlock- Augment, CCW, Shuriken pistol
    Warlock- Embolden, CCW, Shuriken pistol
    Warlock- Enhance, CCW, Shuriken pistol

    Spear of Khaine- 186 (inside)
    Warlock- Witchblade, Shuriken pistol, Enhance, Waystones
    Warlock- Witchblade, Shuriken pistol, Augment
    Warlock- Witchblade, Shuriken pistol, Augment

    10 Striking Scorpians- 217 (inside)
    Exarch- Scorpion Claw

    9 Black Guardian Defenders- 155
    Brightlance Platform
    Warlock- Conceal, Shuriken pistol, CCW

    9 Black Guardian Defenders- 155
    Starcannon Platform
    Warlock- Conceal, Shuriken pistol, CCW

    11 Black Guardian Defenders- 161
    Warlock- Embolden, Shuriken pistol, CCW, Wraithgate

    5 Black Guardian Stormers- 40 (inside)

    2x Vyper- 75 each, total 150

    Vyper- 75 (inside)

    Vyper- 75 (inside)

    (Inside) means inside the wraithgates.
    I don't think I have a cheesy amount of starcannons. I can see where the 2nd defender squad might want another brightlance, but whenever I have even only one brightlance I always feel that it should be another starcannon whenever i play. Also the scorpions can wreck tanks with their nades. If your confused, the defender squads are all 12 and the scorpians are 10 strong, if you include all the models.

    The stormers are just there to balance out the in and out units, as well as to add some numbers to my combat rez. The seer council and the defender squad w/o platform will fleet up and drop gates when opportune, most likely 2nd turn. The council will fortune itself and the other fleeting squad to deter people from shooting it. Embolden is to make sure the wraithgate doesnt run. The wraithgate squads will be deployed apart from eachother, but within augmented fortune range.

    Big questions
    Should I combine the two Storm squads?
    Should I give the wraithgate defender squad conceal?
    Do I have enough heavy weapons and are they the right assortment?
    How's my seer council?

    Thank you for any help!

    Edit: i realized that the vypers are "black" vypers and changed the points value accordingly. Removed the second storm guardian squad to accomodate the increased point vypers..
    Edit: Spear of Kaine wasnt added correclty, I changed the point value and took a warlock out of the seer council to accomodate the change.

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