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    Combat Patrol 400pts please help!!!

    ombat Patrol seems very tough with Tyranids. Biggest set back I see is its not necessary to take an HQ in Combat Patrol Missions( rules on page 182 in the rule book.), but we need Synapse. One way I see of doing this is taking all genestealers, but I really don't wanna do that. Here's what I've come up with so far.

    3x Warriors (96 points)
    Extended Carapace
    Toxin Sacs
    Scything Talons

    16x Hormagaunts (2 groups) (208 points)
    Extended Carapace
    Toxin Sacs

    16x Gaunts (96 points)

    Total: 400

    That gives me 35 models on the table.
    Im new to Tyranids so please help thanks.

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    Drop the Extended Carapace on the Hormagaunts, they still won't recieve any saves against bolters and its generally not worth taking.

    I'd use the extra points to give the Warriors Enhanced Senses and maybe upgrade the Devourers to Deathspitters. I'm a fan of Deathspitters but Devourers can be just as effective.

    Or keep the Devourers and get a Barbed Strangler. It would only be S4, but the large blast will hit a lot of models.

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