Hi All,

I made several post in the main section about what people thought about certain units.
I thought it would be fair to post my list for you to have a look at.

Necron Lord
-Res Orb

10 Immortals

10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors

Fast Attack:
5 Destroyers
9 Scarabs

Heavy Support:
2 Heavy Destroyers
2 Heavy Destroyers
2 Tomb Spyders

HD are there for 2+ save troops then tankbusting secondary if there are no 2+ to worry about.
TS are there mainly for WBB coverage on the HD and counter assault.
Scarabs do not have D Fields because there is more than enough tankbusting in the army already. These aim to engage non powerfisted tac squads and devs ect or simply slowdown someones assault squads as a tar pit.
Destroyers and immortals to bust transports primary, tanks secondary.
Lord and VoD is there to VoD out of assault, not to flying circus.