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Thread: tyranids 2000

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    Game Over boys macewind's Avatar
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    tyranids 2000

    I havnt yet bought all my models, but after reading different posts/advice/codex etc ive created 3 army lists and id like advice on each and also any shortcomings you may see. If you recommend adding anything please also say what you take out to keep the points right!
    Thank you very much! Macewind

    Flying tyrant 172
    Scything talons x2 Flesh hooks Adrenal glands (i) Adrenal glands (ws) Toxin sacs Toxic miasma Winged

    tyrant + 3 guards 330
    Scything talons Venom cannon Adrenal glands (i) Extended carapace Adrenal glands (ws)Enhanced senses Toxin sacs Toxic miasma

    2 zoanthrope 130
    Synapse Warp blast

    Gunfex 163
    Barbed Strangler Venom cannon Reinforced chitin Enhanced senses

    3cc warriors 114
    Rending claws Scything talons Adrenal glands(I) Leaping Extended carapace

    Death Leaper 90

    16 gargoyle 192

    2x8genestealers with extended carapace

    3xgaunt units of 16.
    2 with fleshborer and scuttle, 1 with devourers
    1 ripper unit of 12 bases.

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    WarmaHorde Pathofskulls's Avatar
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    as with the 1500pt list lighten the load of the tyrants, i would add A.G.(ws) to the cc warriors, remember you need your opponents permission to use the deathleaper, you can only have a max of 10 rippers in one brood, and i would drop the scuttle on the termagants, it just gives them an extra 6" at the before the game begins use the points to give your devourer gaunts toxin sacs, other wise you need 5's & 6's to hit anything, even with the reroll thats hard to do

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