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    Game Over boys macewind's Avatar
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    2000pts all rounder

    Based on my growing knowledge and experiance ive re-written my list using the models I have available to me. Im going to be changing it again when i get more stuff (A broodlord is at the top of my list). Please give comments and advice. The models ive left out are 2 biovores & tons of mines. 4 units of gaunts, 2 units of hormies, 1 unit stealers, 1 warrior.

    Winged Hive Tyrant 215
    Wings Adrenal Glands WS Adrenal Glands I Bio Plasma Toxin Sacs Toxic Miasma Warp Field Scything Talons TL Devourer (Devourers are magnatized, can be swapped for any weapon)

    Lictor, 1 80

    Warrior, 3 123
    Venom Cannon Barbed Strangler Deathspitter Scything Talons Enhanced Senses Extended Carapace Toxin Sacs

    Warrior, 3 111
    Scything Talons Rending Claws Adrenal Glands WS/I Extended Carapace Toxin Sacs Flesh Hooks

    Genestealers, 10 241
    Extended Carapace Scything Talons 1 with Feeder Tendrils

    Genestealers, 10 201
    Extended Carapace 1 with Feeder Tendrils

    Hormagaunt, 16 176
    Extended Carapace

    Hormagaunt, 16 176
    Extended Carapace

    Gaunt, 10 60

    Gaunt, 8 72
    Fleshborer Without number

    Zoanthrope, 2 130
    Synapse Warp Blast

    Carnifex, 1 204
    Enhanced Senses Extended Carapace Reinforced Chitin Spine Banks Toxin Sacs Barbed Strangler Venom Cannon

    Carnifex, 1 211
    Adrenal Glands WS Flesh Hooks Bonded Exoskeleton Extended Carapace Reinforced Chitin Spine Banks Mace Tail Toxic Miasma Tusked Scything Talons Crushing Claws

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    WarmaHorde Pathofskulls's Avatar
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    alright i dont know if your aiming for a high point cost but your hive tyrant is majorly expensive, he doesn't really need the adrenal glands or bio-plasma, second your warriors you can't have a vennon cannon and barbed strangler in the same squad one or the other not both, your second warriors i would drop the toxin sacs and flesh hooks for leaping, your rending claws are more important then the toxin sacs, but you need leaping to get there, i would drop the scything talons on the genestealers but they're probably glued on so you can't do that, lose the extended carapace on the hormaguants its a waste of points there still killed by bolter fire, With out number is another waste of points. you dont need toxin sacs on the gunfex, the max strength of the barbed strangler is 8 you can't keep it at nine, both weapons are maxed out without the toxin sacs. and drop the point cost of your assault fex its a great distraction but i played a small game last night my fex didn't even make it half way across the field even with the extra wound

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