Good morning all,

Next Saturday, 21st, we have a reliable report that a Chaos Space Marine
force will attack one of our outlying cities.
I have put together a Task Force to counter this outrage!

HQs: [2 units]
Make up of each unit!
-----Farseer X 1
--------Witch Blade
--------Spirit Stone
-----------TL Shuriken Catapults

-----Warlocks X 4
--------Witch Blade
--------Destructor X 3
--------Enhance X 1
-----------TL Shuriken Catapults

Troops: [2 Units]
------Dire Avengers X 6
--------Shuriken Catapults
----------Shuriken Pistol
--------Wave Serpent [NOTE Only 1 unit gets the WS]
----------Shuriken Canon
----------TL-Scatter Lasers
----------Spirit Stone

Elites: [2 Units]
------Warp Spiders X 10
----------Death Spinner
----------Warp Jumpers
-------------Death Spinner

Fast Attack: [2 Units]
------Vypers X 2
---------TL Shuriken Catapults X 3
---------Star Canon / Bright Lances X 4
---------Shuriken Canon X 1

Thats it. Comes to 1993 pts.
I hope to use the Farseer units to hit-Run.
The Warp Spiders to hit a unit together.
Jump within 12"s, then double fire, then jump out.
With 2 units I am hoping the amount of fire power seriously
hurts the targetted unit.
The Vypers are used to move to support areas that are in trouble.
The Troops to hold area and supported by the Wave serpents weapons.

Comments or Suggestions very welcome.

Inteligence reports the CSM may have;
3 tanks, Obliterators, Terminators and some basic troop types.

Lord Deasun.
CraftWorld: Wolfhound.
Warg! Humans bash good. Go Splat!! hehe