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    2K Deathskullz. Comments?

    Figure the Warboss and Burna Boyz will hitch a ride in the Battle Wagon until they dismount.

    2K points 116 Minis


    Warboss - Choppa/PK, Eavy Armor, Lucky Tats, Bionic Bonce, BH/IG

    Stormboyz X10 - Choppa/Slugga, Frag Stikkbomz, Nob (PK/Slugga)

    Loota Squad X5 - Lascannon X1
    Loota Squad X6 - Lascannon X1, Mek (KFF, Ammo Runt)
    Grots X20 and Slava (w/Squighound)
    Slugga Boyz X19 - Rokkit Launcha X3, Nob (PK/Slugga, Bosspole)
    Slugga Boyz X20 - Rokkit Launcha X3, Mek (KFF, Slugga)
    Burna Boyz X11 - Burnas X4, Mek (KFF, Choppa)

    Fast ATK
    Trukk Boyz X10 - Choppa/Slugga, Nob (PK/Slugga)
    Trukk - RL, Red paint
    Warbike X5 - TLBS
    Warbuggy X2 - TL RL X2

    Heavy SPT
    Battlewagon - Big Shoota X4, TL BS X2, Zzap Gun, Red Paint, Grot Riggers, Armor plate
    Leman Russ - Battle Cannon, HHB, HB sponsons, Grot Riggers, Armor Plate
    Basilisk - Ind Fire

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    What sort of weapons are your lootas using? Remember, you pay more for the Space Marine selections then the IG (which makes no sense what so ever). Autocannons and grenade launchers/plasma guns usually make a good companion for one another. Don't forget that you can also loot the vehicle options that come with the squad that you choose (chimeras a go go baby!). These looted vehicle options can really help you out, and supply you with some needed anti-horde firepower (you're loaded for bear, not IG, Orks, or 'nids).
    I assume that you're sticking your warboss in with the battlewagon? Might work, although it is one hell of a target. I'd also suggest dropping the basalisk; it's a beautiful weapon, but depending on the table that you happen to be on, it can be pretty dang worthless. By dropping it, along with narrowing one of your squads down to ten or twelve (why, you ask?) you can end up with a squad of either 'ardboyz or skarboys in a chimera or some rhinos. I'd suggest dropping the stormboys as well, to get the needed points.
    Finally, splurge a bit and give your nobs choppas instead of sluggers. (heck, you don't even have to pay for them, since the cost of them are included in the nobs for units).
    By sticking a unit of 'ardboyz into a rhino, the burnaboyz in another rhino, and potentially another unit in there (remember, you can take up to three for one choice!) you're looking at a smaller band that has plenty of armour, support from the tank and the charging boyz, and firepower.
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