Played an awesome Cities of Death match. Wiped the floor with the nids.

Basic consistency of armies
Tau 1500pts
Shas'el XV81 w/ CyclicIB, TArray & hw MTracker.
Shas'el XV81 w/ Airfrag, TArray & hw MTracker.

4 Squads of 6 Firewarriors w/ Leader & Markerlight
3 Squads of 10 Kroot w/ 4 Kroot Hounds... One squad has a shaper

6 Stealth Suits
2 Broadsides w/ Multi-tracker
2 Hammerheads w/ DLaunchers, TLock, MTracker & DPod

Space Marines
Marinus Calgar
2 Squads of 5 Space Marines
1 Squad of 5 Terminators. All with Masterworked Weapons, 2 with Assault Cannons
1 Squad of 5 Assault Terminators w/ Masterworked Lightning Claws
1 Squad of 10 Assault Terminators w/ Masterworked Lightning Claws

1500 points worth of Genestealers + Brood lord (no i didnt stop to count how many there were but there were LOTS)

2 Carnifex
1 Hive Tyrant
3 Ravegers
3 Floating thing with the cursed blast template weapon & str 10 weapon.
1 HUGE floating thing from the Tyranid imperial armour book
6 Warriors

They swarmed towards us... they got shot to pieces. When they got closer, the terminators took care of them.

The only luck they had was one squad of Genestealers managed to rip through the 5 term squad with assault cannons and the 5 man squad of lightning claw termies. I counter charged with my kroot and they dealt with the stealers (they used all their attacks vs the terminators).

By turn 6, the only thing remaining was 1 Warrior muahahahhahaha.