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    Help on 1850 Tourney!

    I'm playing in an 1850 pt tournament this Saturday (I usually play 2000 games) against a variety of opponents, and I just wanted some feedback on the list I've put together. It's very similar to my 2000 pt list, but advice could help. Any and all comments are appreciated so I can fine-tune the list.

    Game-wise, I play the list structured to be a pretty heavy VP denial mech list, even though it doesn't often play that way (I attack pretty hard more than sit back and JSJ most of the time). Fluff-wise, I'm playing a student of Farsight who broke away himself, and is now trying to reinstate himself in the greater good by sacrificing himself (hence the name & suicide-type weaponry). I'm trying to balance a slightly fluffy list with a good playable list so I don't get creamed on soft scores. Is the list too cheesy?

    My own criticism might be regarding the number of crisis I have. We will be playing on terrain heavy boards (25-30%), so I'll have enough terrain (and after my vehicles start to go down, I'll have more ). But I've been trying to fit in a team of stealth (6 for 180 PTs) to lighten the load on the crisis and for infiltration, but I can't seem to find the extra pts after dropping my Shas'O to a shas'el Helios (saving 38 pts) and transferring the crisis team 3 (139), I'm 3 pts short. Feel free to find those 6 points for me if you could.

    Comments & Suggestions?

    HQ - 232 pts (12%)
    Shas'O Y'he Shai'is - 135 (CIB/PR/VRT/SI/HWMT)
    I know you guys don't like this layout, but I have the points. I'll change him to a Helios (saving 38 pts, if we can find 3 more)

    Shas'el M'yen Ka - 97 (PR/FB/TA/HWMT)
    Helios commanders work pretty well for me, and I'm getting better with them as well. Nothing like toasting 3 marines with your commander who can't get shot at back because of the Devilfish closeby.

    ELITE - 417 pts (23%)
    Crisis Team 1 - 139 (2 Crisis: TmLd/TA/MP/PR/HWMT & PR/MP/MT)
    Fireknife configs work the best for me, as I like to keep these guys 30" away.

    Crisis Team 2 - 139 (2 Crisis: TmLd/TA/MP/PR/HWMT & PR/MP/MT)

    Crisis Team 3 - 139 (2 Crisis: TmLd/TA/MP/PR/HWMT & PR/MP/MT)
    I would like to find a way to convert this unit to a unit of 6 stealths. Suggestions?

    [UTROOP[/U] - 480 pts (26%)
    Mounted Firewarriors - 240 (12 Firewarriors, 1 Warfish [SMS/TA/MT/DL])

    Mounted Firewarriors - 240 (12 Firewarriors, 1 Warfish [SMS/TA/MT/DL])
    I have to have them in the army, so here they are. I love the warfish as they can see but can't be seen.

    FAST ATTACK - 216 pts (12%)
    Pathfinder Squad - 216 (8 Pathfinders, 1 Warfish [SMS/TA/MT/DL])
    I find these guys really help augment the rest of the army. I actually don't usually leave them on the board past turn 1 (if they survive). I use them as a sort of back-up FOF from 18" away that pins, too.

    HEAVY SUPPORT - 505 pts (27%)
    Railhead Gunship - 180 (RG/SMS/TL/DL/MT)

    Railhead Gunship - 180 (RG/SMS/TL/DL/MT)

    Ionhead Gunship - 145 (ICG/SMS/TL/DL/MT)
    Pretty typical HS selections, and I love the SMS. Who doesn't like to move 12", and still shoot everything you have at 2 different targets?

    TOTAL: 1850


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    If you really want the stealth team take a Deathrain suit instead of a fireknife in one of your squads (Twin linked missile pods). That drops the price down enough to fit in the team if you also drop the Shas'O to a Helios Shas'El, while having minimal firepower reduction one shot, AP 2 or not, probably won't sway the battle one way or the other much. The Deathrain also means that your two missile shots will hit more often. This will even leave you with a couple points to play with, say five -maybe-. If you think you may run into a Night Fight scenerio, perhaps you should use whatever spare points you may or may not have to put a blacksun filter on a hammerhead, IF you think you might run into nightfight.

    Or give it disruption pods or something, I don't really know. I didn't do all the math, but I think that is the best way you can get a stealth team.

    Of course, other's thoughts might prove me wrong...
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