Hive Fleet Erinnyes All-rounder 2000pts - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hive Fleet Erinnyes All-rounder 2000pts

    I like this list because it has a little bit of everything.

    2000 Points

    Support 492

    193 "S#!t Slinger" Carnifex. +Sv,+BS, Spine banks, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, +W.
    169 "Can Opener" Carnifex. +Sv, Mace, Miasma, Tusks, +WS, 2xTalons, Fleshhooks, + W.
    130 2 "Brainbugs" Zoanthropes WarpBlast, synapse

    The two fexes get deployed side by side close to the centre of the board. Zoanthropes try to get behind cover.

    Troops 768

    70 10 spinegaunts, scuttle
    70 10 spinegaunts, scuttle
    60 12 spinegaunts.
    200 20 hormogaunts.
    184 8 Genestealers +Sv, scuttle.
    184 8 Genestealers +Sv, scuttle.

    The Genestealer units each get behind a unit of scuttlegaunts at the front, usually on either sides of the carnifexes. The Hormogaunts get behind the regular spinegaunt unit.

    Elite 223

    109 3 "Gun Daddies" Warriors +Sv, +S, +BS, Talons, 2 Devourers, 1 Barbed strangler.
    114 3 "Claw Daddies" Warriors +Sv, +I, Leaping, Claws, Talons

    The Claw daddies hide behind the carnifexes. The Gun Daddies try to get in a good position for some shooting, hopefully with cover.

    Fast Attack 120

    120 3 units of 1Ravener, Claws, Talons

    These guys start apart on the table, they may try to get in with the hormogunt charge to beef it up.

    HQ 397

    178 Hive Tyrant. Winged,2x scything talons, +WS, +S, warp field.
    93 Broodlord +Sv, +S, Fleshhooks
    126 6 Genestealers +Sv, Fleshhooks

    I try to deploy the tyrant behind cover if possible, aiming for a 2nd turn charge means he doesnt need to start near the front. Broodlord placement varies according to whats available.

    Last edited by InnuitFireman; October 28th, 2006 at 06:44.

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    Where is the rest of your list? You may want to repost this.
    Tyranids: 4000
    Tau: 725

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