eldar. 1st list, and I've not quite worked out quite what I'm trying to do. Speed is there, but it seems to lack pretty much anything else (to my old codex comfort zone mind ).

Farseer, doom, RoWit+Ward,
3 warlocks, one with embolden.
Wave serpent, bright lances, spirit stones.

Doom stuff from behind cover, generally hold a "home" objective in missions like cleanse. The wave serpent offers some long range AT fire power that the list seems to need.


6 Fire Dragons
incl. Exarch with Firepike, tank hunters and crack shot
Wave serpent with starcannons, spirit stones

Anti-tank death (I hope). With the starcannons in tow they should be able to take down the best part of a marine squad while tank hunters mean they can engage most tanks from outside the explosion zone if they need to.


3 Jetbikes, shuriken cannon 76 x 3

3 squadrons of jetbikes to take on light vehicles or catapult squads if they work together.

Fast Attack

2 Vypers, starcannons 140

I think I need some starcannons...

6 Swooping Hawks
Incl. Exarch with hawk's talon, skyleap, intercept

Bit of AP firepower, with the added menace vs tanks up close. Possibly will "collapse" a flank with skyleap to hopefully leave a section of the enemy army stranded.

Heavy support

2 x Fire prisms
Vectored engines, spirit stones, holo-fields.

180 x 2

Total 1497

Thoughts? There are quite a few guns, but it severely lacks body on the ground, which I had got used to with my 17-man guardian squads of old. I had originally intended to have a squad of dire avengers and pathfinders present, but they just seemed so tagged on given how fast most of the other units are.

I had plans for an autarch...might not work out that way in the end