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Thread: 1000p fast army

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    1000p fast army

    Both a friendly and a possible tournament list, focused on swift assaults, fast units.

    dakkaflyrant - ES -141p

    3flying CCwarriors - RC, ST, TS -123p

    6genes - EC (tempted to take away some spinegaunts to get scuttlers too) - 120p
    10/11 spine -105p
    10 horma - 100p

    9/9 gargoyles -216p

    3zoans - warpblast, synapse - 195p

    1000p, 62 models.

    My strategy would be to have the flanks covered by gargoyles - which also can tie up devestatorsquads and the like - and letting the flyrant move from cover to cover.

    Swarm with spinegaunts followed by hormagaunts (thus hopefully letting the hormagaunts live a little longer).
    The genestealers are hopefully capable of getting to the front, jumping from cover to cover, behind the other troops... But basicly I intend on keeping them behind the rest of my troops.

    The warriors is to aid the frontmost troops with synapse, and later charge into a cc fight to hopefully live, and the zoans are to advance as best they can, aiding with synapse (if/when warriors die) and blasting meqs and tanks alike.


    The problem at the moment is that it might not have enough tank/skimmer-busting capabilities, and I would like a gunfex just in case... I'm thinking of changing the flyrant from shootie (dakkaflyrant seems so darn good against meqs though...) to cc, but only if that allows me more points to put on other things...

    I'm also not sure - being a beginner - as to how many models my opponent will usually deploy... Should I try to boost my numbers with spinegaunts and/or rippers (have 12 bases atm) to try and overwhelm the opponent with cheap units - which hopefully saves some of my bigger things?

    Should I try to include more gargoyles and/or TMCs? (a gunfex &/ dakkafex...?)
    How many tanks/skimmers are usually fielded in 1000p armies?

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    if i were you i would drop some of the gargoyles for a gunfex w/enhanced senses, reinforced chitin, barbed strangler and venom cannon to add to the zoanthropes that just my opinion though. as far as how many tanks/skimmers people take depends on the player but i went against a space marine player 750pts; he had two skimmers, a tank w/lascannons, a devestator squad, sniper squad, and another unit of troops

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