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    1750 new dex fast list

    Input on this list from the new 'dex appreciated.

    To give some explanation, I've chosen Eldrad because he can cast so many psychic powers per turn, he has a deadly ccw, and all the wargear, PLUS he has the ability to redeploy some Eldar units. I know he is a lot of points, but I'm stuffed if I know what to do with the remaning points if I de-grade him to a run of the mill Farseer or Autach. FYI the extra figs I have a millions of guardians + 2 heavy weapon platforms for them which can be equipped with any of the options; 6 striking scorps (no exarch); a dark reapers exarch, a second farseer, and a (now) old school wraithlord.

    I anticipate my pathfinders will get dissed, but in games with my opponent over the past few weeks using the Pathfinder profile, they have absolutely rocked, and been almost invulnerable. I'd have to be careful about their deployment, but I have so much other fast stuff that they'd have plenty of support in very little time arriving to help them out. It is also a really big unit, so can really push out the shots.

    Edit: Eldrad spelt properly and redeployment power corrected.

    1750 pt elder, new dex
    Eldrad 210
    (possibly goes with Banshees)


    10 banshees, incl 1 exarch w executioner 182
    IN Wave Serpent w bright lances, shuriken cannon, tar engines, spirit stone 170

    6 fire dragons, incl 1 exarc w firepike 116
    IN Falcon


    10 Pathfinders (scouts, move thru cover, infiltrate, stealth +2 cover saves 240

    10 Guardians + warlock. Scatter laser. Warlock has conceal 135

    Fast attack

    10 warp spiders, incl 1 exarch w 2nd death spinner, powerblades, withdraw 262

    Vyper w brightlance 75

    Heavy support

    4 dark reapers 140

    Falcon w scatter laser, shuriken cannon and all upgrades 220

    Cost 1750

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    I'd break up a few of your squads. You don't need all your pathfinders in one unit - make it two units of 5 rather than one big unit. You can spread your firepower more readily, and gives you a better counter to enemy infiltrators when deploying.

    I would say that star engines aren't really worth having, you should consider dropping them to break that warp spider squad down into two units, both with exarchs. Once again, that spreads your firepower and makes them a bit easier to hide.

    And it's spelled Eldrad, just so you know...(and he doesn't redeploy enemy units, he redeploys your own)

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    You have a very little amount of bodies in your army, you need to pad it out a bit with some mroe guardians.

    Drop that vyper aswell, bright lance is gona miss all the time and its gona be a waste of points.

    Remeber, troops win battles, fancy wargear and special characters do not.

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